Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mailboxes for Bible Verses

I was excited to make the stop at Garden Ridge! I was looking for these mailboxes, well any mailboxes that were leftover and on sale for after Christmas! Yah, they were there and I bought almost all of them. Then, of course, I thought I should have just bought them all once I got home!! I always buy stuff when I see it, because I usually can't find it when I need it. These were regularly $3.99, and are half off if the store in your area still has them. since I teach for a year, I have started using them for the whole year the kids are in my class. I used to hand out new ones with each quarter, but it is just too expensive, since they take them home when they leave my class. I have a quarter sheet of paper with the Bible verse and a picture to go with it. We start out Bible class by looking up the scripture, then they store the scripture paper in these when we are done. I like the mailboxes since I usually teach Acts and then Letters From Paul.
Here is what you need to cover the mailboxes. Print the 2 papers, I usually print on cardstock, but printed these on paper and it is a lot easier to work with.
Cut the long cover and LEAVE THE ENDS ATTACHED TO FOLD UNDER THE BOTTOM! And, cut the 2 end pieces. I left space on the end pieces for the kids to write their names. Fold under one end like you see in the picture.
Lay the folded end along the bottom side with the flag and press along the bottom edges of the flag. You can see in the picture above, I cut on the crease on the left, then cut out a circle for where the flag is attached to the mailbox.
I carefully put the paper around the flag and put tape under the seam to seal it, then I used Scotch tape and attached the first end along the bottom of the mailbox.
If everything lines up when you pull the other end under the mailbox, then that can be taped in place. It barely reaches as you can see in the photo. I rolled back the tape and put the ends on.
These covers are available with Paul or Jesus and I just used Bible Study as the title. I have the kids write their names on an end, and I use the blank spaces for them to add stickers for attendance each week. They love that and it makes it their masterpiece!

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  1. Dear Debbie,
    Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing all your ideas, beautiful crafts, links, etc. Your blog and Pinterest boards have been very helpful to me. Please know that someone out there really appreciates you! Alot. God bless. Mary Engesetter


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