Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Engage: New Book!

Just Released!
Engage : Rethinking How We Walk Down the Aisle
Divorce used to be “taboo” in the church. Today, the tentacles reach almost every family in the church. So here’s the question:  Why do we keep doing the same thing expecting a different result?
An honest evaluation reveals the modern dating scene often leads to sexual activity before marriage. In many ways the current dating model is nothing more than “divorce practice.” Our young people are no longer striving to be pure before God. Isn’t it time to seek a real solution—a Biblical solution?
Dr. Brad Harrub and Rob Whitacre have authored a new book, Engage, to address this problem, and to offer a more Biblical way of looking at things. We believe this book will help build stronger relationships and better marriages. 
We believe it is time for parents and young people to “Engage” and consider a better alternative.
We hope you will consider this book for your young families.
13 chapters—perfect for Bible class
$15.00/book (discounts for bulk)
This post about the above info taken from the flyer for this new book. The book is written by my nephew and Brad Harrub! I have not seen it yet! And, no, I am not receiving anything for this post or the link on the sidebar. (Thought I would add that in case you are wondering!)

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