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Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have put the list of blog posts here, instead of the side bar for you to see. I feel that it will help speed up the page downloads. And, I really appreciate you taking the time to see the features!
Just click on the logo to go to the blog! Thanks!
 So, here they are in order of when they were featured:
God Made Farm Animals Featured Week #65 @
Genesis Lapbook Featured Week #77 @
Thanksgiving with Preschool Featured Week 103 @
Free Bible Coloring Pages Week # 132 @

Jonah Featured @
Tower of Babel Featured @
Bee Like Jesus Featured Week #30 @
Jacob's Ladder Featured Week #31 @
Birth of Moses Week #36 @
Moses Review for Preschool Week #39 @
I Thank You God For Everything Book Week # 44 @
Baby Jesus Song & More Week # 47 @
God Made the World Song Week #50 @
Teen Tuesday: ABCD Cards #81 @
Happy and Blessed Home
Life of Jesus Featured Week #36 @
Genesis: Creation Featured Week #48 @
Thanksgiving for Preschool @  
David the Shepherd @ Life With Moore Babies @
L is For Lions: Daniel @ Life With Moore Babies @
R is for Resurrection @ True Aim Education Week # 90 @
Life of Jesus Fact Cards @ Meaningful Mama @
Tiny Baby Jesus Wheel #119 True Aim Education @
Disciples of Jesus Venn Cut & Glue Worksheet #159 True Aim Ed.
David is chosen as King #159 True Aim Education
A-Z God Made it!
Moses Crosses Red Sea Featured @
I Thank God For Everything Book Week 77 @
Cornerstone Confessions
God Makes the Flowers Featured @
Jacob & Esau was Featured at @
Moses Worksheets Featured @
New Testament Pennants were featured @

E is for Egypt Featured Week # 55 @
R is for Resurrection Week # 66 @
A-Z God Made It! Featured Week # 13 @
Hey Mommy Chocolate Milk
Genesis: Creation Was Featured Week #3 @
Life of Jesus cards Featured @
Rambling Reed
God Makes the Butterflies Featured @
All Our Days

God Makes the Flowers Featured @
Some blog posts were featured here:
Genesis: Creation Featured Week #24 @
I Thank You God For Everything Book @
Mount Sinai Foam Visual @
I Thank You God For Everything Book Week 11 @  
L is for Lions: Daniel in the Lion's Den Week 22 @
Thanksgiving with Preschool was featured @
R for Resurrection was featured week  @
God Made It: Outside @
R for Resurrection was featured week #35 @
Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
 was featured week #91 @ 
 Daniel  & the Lion's Den was
 featured week #30 @ Moms Are Frugal

Jesus and His Disciples was featured @ Hip Homeschool Moms
C is for Creation @ My Teacher's Name is Mama
Parable of Build Your House on the Rock & Be a Light
Teen Tuesday: Teen Girls Day & Time


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