Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Beatitudes: Interactive Bulletin Board & More!
This week's addition to the Beatitudes Series is an Interactive Bulletin Board, Task Cards and worksheets. Next week will continue the same theme with all new printables!
This main theme is taken from a photo I added from a Teacher's Workshop that I attended. I have several printables that will be posted this month with this theme. You can see this and more ideas from the Teacher's Workshop here.
You can staple the parts to a bulletin board or glue them to a poster board (I recommend). The students can add the correct flower center to the matching flower. Great for review and memory!
Print and cut out the pages. Lay out the flowers with the correct stems. You can use Velcro (or whatever you prefer) to make the flower center circles removable on top of the correct flowers. I left a space above the text on the flower centers. The other piece of Velcro will be attached to the back of the answer circles. Click here to print it.
I created this set of Task Cards using the bee & beehive theme. Most of the cards ask the student to finish each Beatitude scripture. There is a student sheet in color and black & white. They can read the questions on each Task Card and put their answers on their worksheet. The teacher's answer sheet is also included. You can put the Task Cards into a basket or container and let them pick a card and answer the questions for review. For more ways to use Task Cards, Visit this post here, or you can download a free eBook here. Click here to download the Beatitudes Task Cards.
One of the worksheets I created for this Beatitudes series is this Lift-the-Flap. You can print it in color or black & white. The instructions for assembly are included in the download. These take some time to put together, but the kids love them! Depending on your students, you can have them write the rest of each scripture under each flap, or they can cut them out and glue them. Click here to download.
 You can see the lesson, visuals, printables and more here.


  1. Thank you so much for the "lift the flap Beatitudes." My 4th graders really enjoyed the project. :)

  2. I'm finally at a place in my teaching where I am ready to teach the beatitudes and I can't get any of these files to open. I haven't had trouble before with your files. Any suggestions?

    1. Teresa, they are all working from here, so the only thing I can think of is to restart your computer or refresh the page and try again. Usually it's an issue with the computer browser. If that doesn't work, email me @ and I can email them to you.

  3. Do you have teaching lesson script anywhere? I am only seeing printables to assist in teaching, but no actual lessons.


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