Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Blog Look!

Yah! The new design is up! The biggest change for you is the Page Tabs.
The Home tab is still first. But next, you will see Lessons. All the lesson tabs you see on the original were found on the second line. All those links are found in the one Lesson Tab. It is just one more click.
The next one is the Printables Tab. This includes the Worksheets, Bible Verses, File Folder Games and the Lapbook links.
I added the Featured, where I Link Up and the Graphics I use with the information in the About Me Tab.
The TOU has the short, easy to read and understand Terms of Use. I also deleted the legal (I don't understand them anyway)  links at the bottom of the blog and inserted the links here. Supposedly they need to be here, just in case.
Thanks Laine Sutherland at A Little Peace of Africa for designing it for me!


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