Friday, September 23, 2016

1.8. Genesis: Jacob & Esau
Jacob & Esau is lesson 8 in the first quarter of a year of Preschool Bible Study that I assist with on Wednesday evening.
Last week we learned about Abraham’s servant traveling to another country to find a wife for Isaac. He found her by a well. Rebekah had gone there to get water and when she offered him water and enough for his camels, he knew that she was the woman God had chosen for Isaac. Rebekah left her home and married Isaac.
Our lesson continues in the book of Genesis (25-27). There are two parts of the Bible. The Old and New Testament. Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament.
After waiting a long time (20 years) to have a baby, Isaac and Rebekah had twins! They didn’t look alike. The first baby was all hairy and red and they called him Esau. They named the second baby Jacob.
The boys grew up and Esau was a very good hunter. He liked to be outside. Esau was a big strong man with hair all over him.
But Jacob liked to stay inside in the tent. Isaac loved Esau the best, and Rebekah love Jacob the best because he was a gentle man and stayed in the tents.
One day Jacob cooked a stew and when Esau came in from the field, he was so hungry and tired, so he asked Jacob for some of it. Jacob said, “Sell me your birthright and you can have some.” Well, Esau said “Well, I’m so hungry I’m about to die anyway, so why not?” Jacob gave him bread and stew, and then Esau was sorry that he had made the trade. Esau had given up a very special and valuable item to Jacob.
Years later, Isaac was sick and couldn’t see well. He called Esau in to see him. Isaac told Esau to go hunt a deer, cook it and bring it to him.
Rebekah cooked goats and put fur on Jacob’s hands and neck to make him hairy like Esau. She wanted Jacob to fool Isaac! And, that is what he did! Jacob told Isaac that he was his brother, Esau. Isaac said, “Come over here and let me feel you to see if you are Esau.” He said “You sound like Jacob, but feel like Esau.” Isaac ate the meat and gave the blessing to Jacob that should have gone to Esau.
Esau went to see Isaac. Isaac told him that he had been tricked by Jacob and already given the blessing to him. Esau was so angry with Jacob! Rebekah sent Jacob to live with her brother to keep him safe.
This is the visuals I set up for hands on fun. Depending on your students, you can make a stew and/or meat for a small treat for the lesson.
I went to Pinterest to find a project for this lesson because I was in the middle of so many things and just couldn't think of something I liked for preschool. So, this is a twist from the original idea found at Sunday School Crafts. (Please click here to see the original.) They didn't have the graphics to print for the soup, so they are included here. I also added Jacob & Esau finger puppets. This is in color and black & white. These are glued on a paper plate, but if you don't have them, cut a circle to glue them on. Click here to download.
This file contains visuals for Genesis 25-27. All are not shown.
Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
Click here to see the Jacob & Esau lesson & printables for early elementary.
Click here to see the Magnetic Board Visuals for this lesson. there is a set of puzzles also.

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