Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Judges Trading Cards
These Trading Cards for the Judges were a request and there are posters that match.
Clipart and Sweet Graphics are both available.
This first set uses the people from the Sweet Publishing visuals and match the visuals below. These have been updated with the backgrounds removed, cropped, clothing added when needed and color corrected. This includes the color and black & white. Click here to download.
This is an updated set of Judges Posters with Sweet Graphics.
Click here to download this set.
The judge's posters have been updated!
This set has key points for each person.
This second set uses the same graphics from the post below in case you want to match them with the posters and other printables. Click here to download.
Click here to see the original lesson, visuals and printables.
The above post also explains why Abimelech isn't listed with the judges.


  1. Just curious~is there any reason you do not have Abimelech as one of the Judges? These are just fabulous to share with the kids! Thank you so much for the hours and hours of work you have put in to creating such wonderful visuals! You are much appreciated!

    1. Abimelech was a self-appointed king and was never a God-appointed judge.

  2. Hello, there is a long answer for this subject on my original Judges post @ Thanks for asking and I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Do you have an Abimelech card

    1. Sorry, Jacinda, no I did not include him. You can see why @

  4. As missionaries, we really appreciate the free printables and quality-looking materials. Thank you, and may God bless you.


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