Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bulletin Board Ideas By Cathy

Today's post is 3 different bulletin board ideas for you.
These are from my Sister-in-Law Cathy Whitacre and used with her permission.

1. The church building puzzle states "Where do Your Talents Lie?"
(each piece has a work we are involved in)
 I have to say, I LOVE this one! I will have to do this one!!
2.  "Have you given your heart to God?" 
(words in heart are; teaching, studying, attendance, encouraging, serving, supporting)
 This is a good one, too, Love the scriptures!
3.  This is our "Journey through Acts" road sign. This has been up for 26 lessons.
The names of the towns are on either side of poll, each lesson is represented by a picture.
Here are close-ups of the above bulletin board:



  1. I really enjoy your blog - I'm a subscriber & read regularly. Thanks for all the great ideas : )

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate you following the blog and love the nice comment!


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