Acts by the Chapter Introduction and Links

Monday, April 10, 2023

This study for Acts is by the chapter, instead of by the people or events. 

Each chapter will have an in-depth lesson, new worksheets, etc.

Here are a couple of printables that can be used with this series or on their own.

They were designed to be simple and easy on the printer ink.

These are not included in the lesson and application packs.

Most of these are full page resources that are perfect for notebooks; but you can print two per page on your printer settings to create half pages which are great for interactive notebooks. Click here to see more about interactive notebooks and how to design them.

Updated Anchor Charts for each chapter.

Updated worksheets with key pictures and a space to write main points for each event.

Updated Snapshot worksheets with pictures for each chapter and a space to write notes.
There is a set of alphabet code worksheets in each application pack. 
One worksheet uses symbols. The student will use the first letter of the picture to figure out the code. The codes are a paraphrased verse from the chapter being studied. They are paraphrased due to space on the worksheet and there some chapters have more than one included. Another worksheet has a number, and the student will locate it on the chart at the top of the worksheet and write the corresponding letter in the space to complete the coded worksheet. This chart can be saved as a reference and is not included in the application pack. The answer for each code worksheet is on the last page with the copyright information.

Note: Although there are not any direct quotes from these reference books, they were used to clarify some of my questions. And these are great books to have and use!

The Acts of the Apostles: from Jerusalem to Rome

Any book by Wayne Jackson is good.

Defending the Faith Study Bible

by Apologetics Press

Click here to see the updated visuals for Acts.

The links will not be active until the date that is listed.

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  1. I appreciate all the visuals for us to use for our little ones to see as they learn about God's plan and the people who are part of it...


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