Saturday, March 1, 2014

Moses Lesson List With Links

This post is to make it easy for you to find the order of all the lessons available about Moses. Just click on the picture of the lesson you'd like to see.
(I taught Moses one quarter, after Genesis, then two quarters of Old Testament Bible People) There are some lessons not listed here since I was on a time frame. Also, there are other lessons, bulletin boards, projects, etc. for a lot of the lessons, so you can use the search bar on the right if you are interested to see if more posts are available.
1.  Birth of Moses & He Leaves Egypt
(There is a preschool post for reviewing the Birth of Moses and the Burning Bush)
2.  Moses & the Burning Bush
3. The 10 Plagues part 1 (1-5)
(There are several posts for the 10 Plagues)
4. The 10 Plagues part 2 (6-9)
5. The Last Plague & Crossing the Red Sea
6. God Sends Manna & Quail
7. Moses Gets Water From a Rock
8. Moses & the 10 Commandments
(There are several posts for the 10 commandments)
9. Aaron's Gold Calf
10. The Ark of Covenant & Worship in the Wilderness
11. Miriam Become Leprous
12. The 12 Spies Sent to Canaan
13. Moses & The Bronze Snake
Moses worksheets
 Bible verses
Map File Folder Game
Cut & Glue pictures


  1. Thank You for the amazing lessons and worksheets !
    You are a blessing to a homeschooling mom like me and my kids . God Bless You.

    sam from India

    1. Thank you Sam for the really nice comment! I am glad you are finding some items to use! I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Your lessons are awesome! thank you for sharing. You are truly a blessing

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to leave the nice comment! ☺

  3. Thanks so much for your hard work and for sharing these lessons! My husband and I started teaching a 1-3rd grade bible class during our Wednesday night services and this has been a huge help in getting our first year going! You have been an amazing blessing!

    1. You are welcome! Thanks so much for the nice comment! I am glad you can use some of the items here.


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