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Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Go To My Window Song for Preschool

Here is another really cute song! The author is unknown. I searched the web to make sure I couldn't find it. It is one of those songs that was sung during childhood and given to me by Christina Barkley.
Since I am using it for home use, I just printed everything on cardstock. Christina said that when she sings this song, she has a cardboard window and the kids can look out of the 'window'! Kids would love that! If I were using this for Bible class, I would make a window and add fabric curtains.
Anyway, I found the window on Microsoft, and it is on it's own sheet in case you do not want to print it. I will lean mine against something to sing the song, and use the graphics on the large craft sticks in front of the window.
There is also a picture to color, very simple for preschoolers, but with graphics from the song for them. You can print everything here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Paul & Agabus
There is a printable book for this lesson. We will discuss different people that did what God wanted, even though it was painful, but as Paul said "The Lord's will be done."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God Made the World Song For Preschool

This song is also written by Christina Barkley. She agreed to let me add her songs here. There are different downloads for each project for this song, but they all can be used together.
 The last verse is for families, and I left them blank for you to add your own photo, add a picture from a magazine, etc., or let the kids draw in their family.
This booklet in color can be used as a book or as a flip chart. With these printables, I left the last page blank for you to add your own family, or let the children draw and color their family. If you are using it for a class, you could add a class photo, or magazine picture.
Click here to print in Spanish.
I don't feel like a preschool song would be complete without being able to add the visuals to craft sticks (if possible)! This is what I use at home with my grandkids, since that is what they like. For the last verse, you can use your own family photo (4x6 would be good, or close to it) or cut out a magazine photo. You can print this one here.
Click here to print in Spanish.
Here is the booklet to color. Again, the last page is for family, so I left it blank. You can add  your own picture, or let the kids draw in their family. You can print it here.

Click here to print in Spanish.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm A Little Turtle Song
This is a short post with a cute song and picture to color. The song was written by a friend of Cathy Whitacre years ago, and she gave me permission to post it.

I’m a little turtle, yes I am

And if you like, you can call me Sam.
I am very slow as you can see
Because God built my house on me!
As you can see, I cut the picture of the turtle out on the outside line, leaving the song attached.  Then I folded on the center line. I glued the large craft stick inside.
The song and picture to color are on this one download here.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bible People Pocket Chart and File Folder Game for Review
I am a big fan of having the kids know who does what in the Bible. Or, for this post, are the people Old Testament or New Testament?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paul's Travels (First Half of Acts Review)
**I did this lesson discussing the different places Paul traveled, and reviewed who he traveled with. We talked about how hard it was to travel in Paul’s time, without a car, plane, etc. No air conditioning and no Fast Food or Pizza! I bought stuff (see list) and we talked about whether or not Paul had the items to take with him and how we don’t need all the things we have, but think we need!

Friday, January 11, 2013

God Made it! A to Z For Preschool

Here are some printables for working with preschoolers teaching the alphabet, but with a twist. Every letter is only things God created! Some were hard to find, but there is something for each letter. There is a list at the end, but it is also included in the cards download.
The cards have the box you can print and put together to hold them, or the cards can be put on a ring. The cards can be printed in color or black and white and there are 4 letters per page. I deleted a couple of items on the black and white printables, though. You can print them here:

Also, with the same graphics in color only, the next printable is blank alphabet cards. The graphics can be cut out and placed on the correct alpha letter. Or, the kids can match the picture to the correct letter using the cards above. You can print them here.
I also made alphabet pictures to color. There is one animal for each letter, and I used an animal from the Bible if I had a choice. For instance, Camel instead of cat; Donkey instead of dog, etc. There are 2 letters per page to cut down on printing. You can print these here.
Apple, alligator, ant, armadillo, acorn
Banana, bee, bird, butterfly, baby
Cherry, cow, clouds, cactus, camel, cat
Dog, deer, donkey, duck, dandelion
Elephant, eagle, earth, ear, eyes
Fox, flowers, fish, frog, foot
Giraffe, grapes, grasshopper, grass, garlic
Hippo, Heaven, hand, horse, hair
Iguana, island
Jaguar, jellyfish, Jacana
Koala, kangaroo, Kiwi
Lightening, leaf, lion, ladybug, lizard
Moose, mouse, mountain, monkey, mouth, melon
Newt, nose, nut
Onion, owl, octopus, olive
Pineapple, pig, pumpkin, penguin, platypus
Quince, Quail
Rainbow, raccoon, rain, rabbit, radish
Strawberry, seal, sun, star, skunk, sheep, snake
Turtle, turkey, tree, tiger
Uakari (monkey), Uguisu (bird)
Volcano, vulture, violets
Wind, walrus, watermelon, water
Yak, yam
Zebra, Zebu, zucchini
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jesus Worked in the Carpenter Shop Song for Preschool

This is a short song, but the kids like it. I attached the visuals to the large craft sticks, because that is what my grandkids like.

This is another song I received from Christina Barkley, and I am using with her permission, but she does not know the original author, etc. Christina and her mom (like most of us) have collected all sorts of Bible songs and ideas over the years. Like most kids Bible songs, the original writers are unknown, and there are several variations to the same song.

You can print the tools here and I used a real piece of sandpaper. But, if you have kids tools, you can use a safe hammer and saw instead of printing the visual!
Here are some black and white printables with the same graphics with a couple of pictures of the tools to color (very simple for preschool), a couple of tool worksheets, and a boy or girl worker, which could lead to a discussion on being a worker for Jesus and what can they do to be a helper like Jesus! You can print those here.