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Monday, November 20, 2017
This is a wood house my husband put together for me to use for certain Bible lessons. I can take it apart and it will basically lay flat.
I pretty much told my husband I wanted something like my Lion's Den for Daniel. So, we used the same base to begin with. Great! Less to store! The base is 24"x24". I realize a lot of you can't make this to use in class, but maybe someone at your congregation can make it for you.
This is what the inside looks like. As you can see from the photo, the back and sides slide in strips air nailed along the bottom of the floor piece. The top of the sides and back have a piece air nailed close to the edge for the roof to lay on. I have the roof cut into 2 pieces so I can just use half of the roof at a time if I want to.

www.biblefunforkids.comFor this lesson, Jesus heals the man after he is let down through the roof. I left the back of the roof on so the man is lifted down into the center of the room. I just used yarn attached to craft stick for this photo. But, you could glue a piece of fabric to craft sticks to make the bed. I have this Jesus I use (One2Believe Messengers of Faith) or, you can use a Ken doll and dress him like a Bible man. And, I used some smaller Bible men for his friends on the roof. I also used the raffia that is used for hula skirts from Dollar Tree to cover the roof.

I also have this ladder on the outside of the house to look more authentic and show a way for them to be on the roof. But, you could add outside stairs.
This scene is for when Paul and Timothy or whoever are together in a house. With different people, it can be Paul & Silas at the jailor's home. Or, Jesus at Mary & Martha's. I found the generic Barbie furniture on EBay a long time ago. I didn't need it to be sturdy since it is just for looks and the kids won't play with this. I do let them move the lions around in the Daniel display.
This is a close-up of the scene. I have a small feather in Paul's hand because he is 'writing' a letter. There are small pieces of paper to look like his paper. I also added odds and ends, like the plants from my grandkids house toys. And some doll house rugs I found on EBay.
This scene is for when Paul rents his house while he is in Rome. You can add more people because they were allowed to visit Paul. I just have the printed Roman soldiers with him. He has his writing feather and papers here also.

I left the inside the plain wood, used a textured spray paint to lightly spray the outside walls. I wanted the outside to look different than the inside.
I also used this for Peter's Vision in Acts 10. I set the inside of the house up simple, and used the half roof. I have a couple of accessories and something for him to sit on. On the right, is the sheet that is coming down from heaven with the assorted animals that Peter is looking at. You can see how to set up the sheet here.

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