Bible Teacher's Workshop

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I attended a Bible teacher's workshop and wanted to share some of the photos.
The photos are mine, please excuse the roughness, I miss my good camera, but you can get the general idea. And, that is what I want to do, is share ideas for teaching Jesus! I do have permission from the women that held the workshop to share the photos. Some of the ideas you see are found in old Ideashop magazines, if you still have them! If you have specific questions on how to do something, the questions for the chart, etc, let me know and I will find out. Please allow a short time for me to return the answer. Please, keep in mind, that examples for the ideas were put all over the walls, so you will not see finished bulletin boards, etc. It is ideas for you to make! And, I did not crop the photos.

Here they are, in random order:
Some of the walls first
Jonah & the Great Fish wall visual
These creation background boards are felt and/or fabric attached to a board, and then you add pictures, etc for each day of creation. I forgot about these, until I looked at the photos... and I REALLY need to make them!
The base (center) of the flower has "blessed are the..."  , then students add the center over that with the answer. This is the finished flower pot.

The 3 kings: Saul, David, and Solomon.
You can see what I did with the 3 kings here.
Solomon's Temple Info Wall
Jonah tossed from the boat into the water, then...
Jonah in the Great Fish (I think that might be attached with Velcro and added after Jonah is swallowed), then, next is a couple of Jonah table visuals.
Joseph (above)
next is Prophets.
Love is the Key
Number 1
Facts from Acts
The Cross


  1. thanks for sharing these, Debbie! Can you tell me what the "clouds" around the Events to the cross say? I can't make the picture large enough to make it out.

    1. Hi, Holly, while I was looking for the answer, I found where the idea came from, and I feel like it would cross copyright issues if I put in print the answers for the cross. I am very sorry! I think by the pictures,though, you can probably list each thing that happened to Jesus before He was crucified and add it to your project. For instance, an easy one, He wore a crown of thorns, etc. Debbie

  2. I attended a couple of Sarah Richey's workshops at Freed-Hardeman University years ago. These are available in her books from
    I had forgotten about those, until I saw these photos. Thanks, Debbie.

  3. Hi Debbbie thanks for sharing these beautiful ideas but I am most interested in going to a bible's teacher workshop! where could I get some information about it. I am new with the children's ministry so I want to learn the most I can. thanks

  4. Hello Carmina, it would probably be easiest to ask your minister if he knows of any teacher's workshops in your area or if your church could host one. I honestly haven't looked into a teacher's workshop in a long time. Sorry I can't help with this!

  5. Thank you very much. The displays are so good we are preparing for exhibition in our church. This was so helpful.


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