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Sunday, September 9, 2012

We have a basic routine in the first and second grade Bible class. I make a workbook with some kind of puzzle, picture to color (not to color, but just to look at, unless they do it at home, once the books are taken home at the end of the lessons), and a worksheet I make. I also make some type of lapbook. For Jesus, they glue die cuts on to make a picture for the lesson and a couple of lapbook  (lift the flap) question/answer. For Acts, I make a lapbook. They don't glue the die cuts, but I add a passport for fun.

When they come into the classroom, they know to go to a table in the front of the classroom, it will have the visual, if there is one. And, I put anything that is just for that days use, like the project or take home, whatever. That way, they are responsible, take one, and there are not extras laying on their table getting knocked off, and I don't have as much clean up after class. There is also gum for them to choose. For Acts, there will be a Betty Lukens flannelgraph set up, like a giant picture for them to see, it doesn't get used, except for me to point to it at the right time. They haven't seen the flannelgraph for a while, maybe never, so it is new to them, old to me though!
Anyway, for all the Acts lessons, they will come in, do their passport, pick up whatever is there for them and sit down. I have a clipboard that they look at to see what week they are to stamp. They put a sticker on the sticker page also. I got the stampers on eBay and different craft stores. I keep a list so they use different color stamp pads, and stamps. Here is where I purchased several of the rubber stamps (and I really like them).
This is the basic setup for the passport. They put a sticker on the outside so they can find theirs easier.

This is the inside front cover. The outside is printed on dark blue cardstock. It has a slight texture to it. If you are ever in Cleveland, Ohio, try to go to this great paper store called Hollos Paper Store. It is the best! You can buy cardstock by the pound, and it is good paper for CHEAP!
I miss it! Anyway, that is where I bought the cover cardstock.

For this inside cover, I have a square punch and for their picture and they can write the rest. For ID #, I just have them write whatever comes into their head, and I use it again for luggage tags for another lesson. The inside is printed on cardstock also.
This is the next page. They will add stickers on the left side, random, however they want, and the right starts the lessons. The place is where our Bible lesson is taking place that morning. It's a very simple style. I have tried a couple of different fonts, etc, but this seems to work the best. The kids stamp right on top of the writing.

Here are the basic pages for the passport. I removed the week number and the destination, since mine will be different from yours. But this might help, or give you an idea what I did. Also, I printed everything inside the passport front and back on white cardstock so it worked like a real passport
 You can print it here.


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    1. I will definitely check out the paper store in Cleveland-thank you!
      Lisa 4/15/13

    2. It is an awesome store! Not much to look at from the outside, unless they have updated it, but the saying is... Don'T judge a book by the cover! It is great insideI Thanks for stopping by the blog an commenting!

  2. I love the idea of using a passport each sunday, is there any particular lessons that you used with it. It would be nice to have a different destination Q 1-2 weeks. Thanks

    1. Thanks for th comment. We used the passports each week for every lesson in Acts. If you look at any of the lessons from Acts, it will say Passport: (Destination)... It is used for almost 30 weeks, and after they take them home, they still come to class ready to stamp the passport book!

  3. Hi! I came searching online for ideas to use a passport for the journeys of Paul for Sunday School and stumbled upon your website! This is exactly what I was thinking of doing, only sooooo much better!!! My question involves your comment above, discussing "Passport: (Destination)" on any of the Acts lessons. I am having trouble finding the lessons you are referring to....are they here on your blog? I can make these up myself, of course--that is what I was originally planning to do--but if you have already done this and are willing to share it would sure allow me to implement this set of Sunday school lessons much quicker!!! We currently live in Nigeria and because so many of us are expatriates, we only live in one place for a year or two and then move on. Time is of the essence for us because we just don't stay in one place long enough to develop much on the long-term scale, if that makes sense. If you are willing to share your lessons, I would be ever so grateful...and of course would credit you for all your work. Thanks for your help! Nancy

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you can use the passport! I have made a post with all the Acts lessons with the order I did them. I did skip a couple, due to time and other lessons I wanted to do instead, so here is the link for what I have on the blog:

  4. Very cute! Thanks for sharing via Family Fun Friday.


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