Caterpillar and Bible Boxes

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Caterpillar to Butterfly Box & Song and Bible Box Visual

 First, the Caterpillar to Butterfly Box 
For the caterpillar box, I bought a box at Hobby Lobby. For how cheap it was, it was worth it to me to have a sturdy, already nicely finished outside. But, you could use a shoe box and cover it.
 Both of these ideas are also from the Teachers Workshop I attended. This caterpillar box is for preschool ages, but the Bible box could be used for any age, with the right item tucked inside.
This is the inside of the box, with the caterpillar inside. I used 3, since I babysat 3 and I can let them hold the caterpillars. Plus, I bought them at Dollar Tree, and they happened to have different color faces.
The butterflies were purchased at Hobby Lobby. There are different sizes. You could also print and glue one to save the money. These look more real to me though, and kids like that factor.
Here is the song and you can print it here. 
This song was given to me at the Teachers Workshop. I do not know the original owner.
There is also a flipchart that I made into a booklet in the Ideashop Magazine from Gospel Advocate if you have the old issues. It is in the Spring, March/April 1988, page 12 issue.
This Bible is a paper Mache book that I painted black. I painted the outside edges (that would be pages) metallic gold. I added the lettering with rub-ons I have in my scrapbook stash, but they could be painted on. I sliced a small line with my craft knife and slid the ribbon through for the marker. I glued that inside with the Aleene's Tacky Glue.
 Now, you have a Bible that is a empty box inside to put unlimited visuals inside! This is an old concept, which I saw at the Teachers Workshop.
But, no matter how old of an idea it is, it might be new for someone else!

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