Interactive Bible Bulletin Boards for Kids

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Several Interactive Bulletin Boards for Kids
This is the back of the door. I printed the sunflower with the kids name and the students picture in the center. You can download the flower, which doesn't look great, but if you cut just inside the outer shape, it looks very good! The flower's say "Growing in God's Word!" You can print the flower here.
For the careers bulletin board, I had this set, so I used it again, but there a lot of choices. This had a partial title, and I added A Christian cut with a Cricut machine. I added the star frames with each person's picture inside, but you could write their name if you don't want to use pics. There is a open space to write what they want to be when they grow up.
 Click here to download it with different colors.
For the Give Thanks to God bulletin board, I had the tree and the title, but the title could easily be cut out with letters. I cut leaves (LOTS of them!) in different fall colors and have them on a table for the kids to pick one each week.

I will have them write things they are thankful for, maybe some weeks will be a theme, like fav food, fav Bible person, etc. With their names on them, they can take them home when I take the board down. This is a twist on an idea I found on Pinterest!
I used to do this bulletin board every year when I lived in northern Ohio, but just seems odd in Memphis!  But, I found this perfect border and decided to put it up this year. You can see the border here. 
I printed the snowflakes with a banner under them. The kids picked one out, wrote their name, and added a sticker. When it is taken down, they get to take theirs home. The font for the title is here, which I am not permitted to share, but you can purchase and make. All the snowflakes are found here
 and they are all different. You can find them there if you want to do a different style, or you can print them here.

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