Jesus is Crucified and Arises from the Dead

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
This an extra-long Bible lesson and is super condensed. Use the search on the side bar for the extended lessons to see more.
Scriptures: Matthew 26-27:57-28:15; Mark 15:42-16:11; Luke 23:50-24:12; John 18:2-3; 19:38-20:18.

Jesus told His Disciples that two days after the Passover, He would be crucified. Some of the Chief Priests and Scribes were discussing how to get Jesus killed, but they wanted to wait until after the Passover. One of the 12 Disciples named Judas Iscariot met with the Chief Priests and agreed to deliver Jesus to them for 30 pieces of silver. Last week we talked about Jesus showing His disciples the Lord's Supper.
Remember it was at night. When they had finished in the upper room, they went to a place called the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus asked His Disciples to wait while He went to pray.
While Jesus was praying, Judas came with a detachment of soldiers (Usually 600 soldiers) and Chief Priests. They had lanterns, torches and weapons. Judas kissed Jesus, and by doing that, he confirmed to the soldiers who Jesus was. They arrested Jesus.

Peter, a Disciple, took his sword and cut off a servant of the High Priest's right ear! His name was Malchus. Jesus touched Malchus' ear, and he was healed. Another miracle!

Jesus was judged and the soldiers put a crown of thorns and a purple robe on Jesus. The soldiers beat Him and then Pilate (Governor) decided that Jesus would be crucified.
They put a sign of the cross above Jesus that said "This is Jesus, King of the Jews". There were two thieves also, one on each side of Him. By the time Jesus died, the people and soldiers started to get the idea that He really was the Son of God! The soldiers were really afraid, and they didn't get afraid of too much!
This is what a New Testament tomb would have looked like. This photo is from Explorations in Antiquity Center in LaGrange, Georgia and is used with permission by David Padfield. Please follow this link to download free Bible Lands photos

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus took the body of Jesus to a nearby garden where Joseph had a new tomb. It was a cave cut into limestone rock. They laid Him on a ledge and rolled a big rock in front of the opening to cover it.
(Mathew 27:62-66) The chief priests remembered that Jesus had said that He would rise up after 3 days. They went to Pilate and asked for soldiers to stand guard so that the Disciples couldn’t steal the body and pretend that Jesus had really come back from the dead. So Pilate agreed and sent guards to watch the tomb.

(Matthew 28:1-8) At dawn on Sunday while it‘s still dark, the first day of the week, several women that were friends of Jesus, headed for the tomb. The women were wondering how they were going to move the stone that was blocking the door. They wanted to put spices that they brought with them on the body of Jesus.
There was a great earthquake and an angel came down from Heaven and rolled back the stone! The guards were so scared that they passed out! (Point out guards, and point out angels do not have wings that are in the picture.
When the women arrived at the tomb, they saw the stone was already moved and when they went into the tomb, they found it empty. An angel was inside and told the women not to be afraid. He knew that they were looking for Jesus and he told them that Jesus wasn’t there because He had arisen. They could come and see where He had been laying.

The angel told the women to "Go, quickly, and tell the Disciples that Jesus has risen and that Jesus would see them in Galilee."
(Matthew 28:2 says an angel, Mark 16:5 says a young man in white, Luke 24:4 says two men in shining garments)

I want the students to think about what Jesus and His Disciples were thinking when they saw that many soldiers coming, and the soldiers were really scary, and then all the other men and the torches lighting up the night. (The sword is not sharp) And Jesus knew what was coming...
I found these ears at Dollar Tree in their Halloween section (2013)... Great for this lesson!
 I used a knife and 'cut' off the Velcro ear on the Malchus above, then said Jesus touched the ear and I put it back on! Here is the download for Malchus.
This is the crown idea from Pinterest. I used the very thin dowel rods and cut, trimmed, etc. I inserted and glued with Aleene's Tacky Glue, and then painted everything to blend and look like the 'real' ones I have been eyeing for awhile! Now, I don't have to worry if the kids play with it. Here is the original Pinterest link.
(Not all are shown.)
These are the same as the visuals, but are black & white.
You can print the worksheet here.

Bible Verse:   Matthew 28:6
These are for the Life of Jesus lapbooks. There are 2 printables for this lesson. You can print them here:
This today's lapbook worksheet. The kids will cut out the cross and glue it to the worksheet.
You can print it here.

You can print all the Life of Jesus lapbook printables here.
The kids also picked up a Glow-In-The-Dark Cross purchased here.

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.
Used by permission.


  1. Thank you so very much for this page .I'm hoping to down load and have a small story time with my grandchildren and their friends. May God bless you

  2. Good job! How did you get the cross?

    1. I found that in a craft store years ago. It is Styrofoam and I suggest looking when craft stores or department stores have cemetery supplies stocked. Or put cemetery cross for grave in the search bar online.


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