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Sunday, October 21, 2012
This file folder game is a handout I use for one of the lessons when we study
 Letters From Paul (after Acts).

But, I thought you could use it and keep in the classroom to use for basic Bible review when there's extra time, instead of the mailbox I have on the wall.
This is the front, and the answers to these questions are on the back of the folder:
The pocket for the answer cards (letters) are stored in the pocket (bottom left) on the back.
Now, for how you want to use the inside. You can see in the next photo that I cut around the mailboxes so the kids can insert the answer 'letters' (cards). I use a craft knife and cutting mat, like you see in the picture. I have always done mine this way to make it more fun for them. But, if you aren't comfortable with a craft knife, or want to laminate and keep reusing, then just glue the inside down without doing any cutting (except for making the paper fit inside the FFG). You can make a straight cut along the top of the question block also. 
Yes, that is upside down on purpose, so you can see how I cut it! The next pic is the back, where I have outlined where NOT to put glue if you want to take the time to make the opening for the letters. 
The top left should have the question "What are the 2 parts of the Bible?"  
The questions start left to right across the top, then continue along the bottom. And finishes with the last book of the Bible is 'Revelation' (no s at the end). 
If you are not cutting out the mailboxes, then the finished game will look like this.

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  1. This is a way fun idea! Thanks for sharing AND for joining Share the Wealth! Happy New Year and God Bless!
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