Noah's Ark Door Hanger

Thursday, October 25, 2012
This Noah's Ark Door Hanger printable has the ark with one door and one window.
This door hanger has a box attached to the bottom to hold the animals. This is intended for preschoolers to match up the animals, then add them to the 'ark'. If you do not want to use it as a door hanger, you could fold the top down and tuck it into the box while you are not using it. Instead of cutting out the circle, add a sticker or something of your choice. Or, just cut it above the top of the skyline to tuck it inside the box.

Once the pages are printed, here is how (1) the back will look folded. (2) I glued and taped the bottom flap that gets tucked into the (bottom inside) sides. If you are using the black white, you will want to color it before you put it together.
(1) This is upside on purpose, so you can see the finished box part. (2) This is the back after you have attached the box. (The box is glued to the outside back of the hanger, not the inside.) I glued it with Aleene's Tacky Glue, then used Scotch Tape to make sure the edges were sealed. I put put hand inside the box, and laid the box bottom side down onto a table, and pushed around the edges to make sure it was glued flat all around the bottom and sides of the box.
Here is what the door hanger looks like once you have it put together,
and before the black and white is colored.
All done! My Granddaughter really enjoys this match-up set!
It is a little more thinking since the animals are not exactly the same!
Here are your printing choices:
Thanks to my Husband's co-worker for the Noah's Ark translation.



  1. Love this!! Would love for you to start linking up to our {Hope for the Home} linky party every week, where we share ways to make God apart of our everyday lives and homes!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments! I have added a link for this week's linky party. Thanks for the invite and I will visit again!

  3. This is an excellent idea for when my grandkids come to visit, and they can learn a Bible story as well. Thanks for posting.

  4. I love this door hanger. I'm going to have to make it with my kiddos.

  5. The kids would love these. Maybe I'll ask for their help to make one to make it more fun.


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