Noah's Ark FFG, Song & More

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
 We talk about Noah's Ark a lot. I like to improve Bible knowledge, and education at the same time. With Noah, they learn Bible, God's promises, rainbows, and lots of animals. You can also throw in colors, counting, shapes and alphabet. Fantastic!

While we were working on the Thankful To God book which we are still working on, and I plan to post soon. We stopped to talk about rainbows, and Noah, and the animals God created. You can find the Thankful Book here.
 After gluing on the rainbow and doing the stickers, we sang Noah's song:

(Old MacDonald tune)

Good old Noah built an ark, like God told him to.
And on that ark he took 2:
(animals) ie. Cows.
With a moo moo here, and a moo moo there
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo moo.

Good old Noah built an ark....
You can print these on cardstock, laminate if you want, and attach to large craft sticks. I make a set for each child. That way they think about finding the animals and get to hold them and they are happy! I have included a large set which is 2 animals per page. The regular set has 4 animals per page. Another option would be to print the larger size for the you, and a regular set for each child.

Print the regular set here
This Good Old Noah Song printables have been updated. I used real animal photos without backgrounds for easy printing. There are 4 to a page and the name and sound/movement is on each animal card. Click here to see it and a lot more Noah & rainbow ideas, songs and printables.
Of course, I have a file folder game (FFG)! We love them! I have LOTS of them!
 Again, I try to keep it to the Bible (as much as the available clipart/graphics I am permitted to use for free printables), so inside there is one door and one window.
Kids will match the animals. Simple, but reinforces the Bible lesson.
The above photos show what the inside of the FFG looks like before and after you place the animals on the correct places on the inside. You can print it here.
(Thanks to my Husband's co-worker for the Spanish translation!
 The Spanish does not include the directions, sorry, just your finished product.)
Then, we played with the Fisher Price ark and the animals. I let her line them up, find them by 2's and name the animals that God created. Hopefully before her sister knocks them all over!



  1. Noah's Ark is such a great teaching tool. It is my 3 year old's favorite bible story. Thanks for a great post with links & downloads!

    1. Thanks so much for the nice comment! We love Noah also! I could do a lot of Noah, just for the animal lessons!

  2. I love your website!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your great ideas! :)
    Many Blessings!

  3. This looks like a fabulous activity. Thank you for sharing.


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