Summer Series "Snapshots of New Testament Christians" Bulletin Board

Saturday, May 4, 2013
Our Summer Series are on Wednesday nights during the summer and ministers are asked to talk about whatever the series is for the summer. This year is Snapshots of Church Life in the New Testament. This summer we are studying the first-century church as a connected body of believers,
and exploring what characteristics became part of their community “DNA.”  What we can learn from them?

As I was doing the bulletin board for this announcement, I thought that this would be a very nice bulletin board idea for anyone to use! So, I printed my bulletin board and put it up, and I redid the graphics so that if you are interested, you can print the graphics to do your own bulletin board.

These are all things that the early Christians did, and they are the same that we do now! THANKS to my minister, Tim Alsup for the help with the information, and then 'going the extra mile' and sending me the scriptures to add to your graphics! You can see my bulletin board has the dates and speaker listed. The download has the same graphics, but only has the New Testament Snapshot and the scripture.

I have not included the wording that I cut with my Cricut.

Also, you will see, I cut off the little pictures under the camera in the bottom corner. So, some of them will be cut off when you print the PDF. Also, for your center space where my weekly list of speakers is, you could print a camera, or make your letters larger to fill in the extra room. There are nice free cameras to download at

Here is the border that is at the bottom.

Here are the unity circles on the corners:
(This is a Word document so you can add your church logo, or whatever in the center.)

If, for some reason, the Word doesn't work for you, here is the PDF.

Here is the upper left camera on Word. I added my wording, then printed. After I printed, I cut it out to look like a flash. I also layered it on the yellow and cut it again.

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