Birth of Moses & the Burning Bush Review

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
My Granddaughter brought home a list of things she needed to know for Moses for her Bible class. For me to review these with her, I made the questions into flash cards. Keep in mind that these are what she is supposed to know, but I did add a couple questions that I thought she should learn.
This first set is birth through the burning bush. I will add more so I can review with the kids. Even though these are made for preschool, I think they would be great for early elementary. The second graders that I teach would remember a lot using them.

Print pages 1-3. Put the sheets back into your printer and print the correct numbered page on the back. Cut into the 4 cards. You can put them on a metal ring if you'd like. Print them here.
 I used a photo of the Memphis pyramid I had taken when we took the kids to see it and they loved the shirt! We could talk about Egypt, Moses and pyramids!
All my Moses visuals are set up in my classroom at the church building right now, so I can't use them at home. So, I came up with a couple of different things to do with the kids to review Moses. We used the Beginners Bible pre-cut figures (AKA flannel graph) Baby Moses set. The girls LOVE using these!
I have to tell you this though! We did the Moses flannel graph to review his birth and the burning bush. My granddaughter told me the whole lesson, even the little things like God told Moses to take off his shoes at the burning bush... While she was playing with the visual by herself, she was holding Jochebed and Jochebed asked the princess if she could have her baby back because he needed to do tummy time!

I also have the mini booklet that the kids love! It's a one page printable and I made it in black and white for coloring. You can print it here. 
 For directions on how to fold and cut the above mini book, please click here.

I have some pictures to color that we used for you to print here.

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