Picture Jesus Standing Here... Bulletin Board

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My point with this bulletin board is we think we can do things we want, because we can't physically see Jesus standing right next to us. But, we know He can see everything.

For instance, if you were going to meet the President, or the Queen, etc. you would dress up. But, people don't feel the need to dress any different for worship and dress like they are attending a sporting event or picnic. Why? And, I'm not talking about if you can't afford to, or live in areas where you can't.
 Picture Jesus being there to greet you at the door when you walked into the church building... see the questions above! Seriously, would you have arrived at the same time, especially if you are late? Every week? What if you were the one teaching class, would you want everyone to be on time? Would you learn to plan to be on time if He was right there at the door?

What would you change if you knew Jesus was standing at the door of the church building? What would you wish you had done different if... surprise!... there is Jesus standing at the door when you walk into the church building next Sunday to worship?
The scripture I used is:
The Lord looks from heaven;
He sees all...
Psalm 33:13

I used Fall colors, just because it didn't matter what color scheme is used. These are made to print the first 2 pages onto white cardstock, then I printed each question on a different color cardstock. I even added a couple of extra question marks in case you want to add your own questions. If you think up some good questions, leave a comment and I just might add them to the download!
You can print everything here, except for the letters. I used Cricut 5" Learning Curve.


  1. Other questions to add...
    Would you have come to class?
    Would you have come to Sunday night worship?


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