Polishing the Pulpit (PTP) 2013: Overview of Moses by Nicole

Monday, September 2, 2013
My niece and her family went to Polishing the Pulpit this August 2013, and Nicole and her daughter taught an Overview of Moses class. She is kind enough to let me post the photos here so you can have more ideas for your lessons on Moses! You will see some of them on the Moses posts coming up! I love having new ideas!

 THANKS for sharing, Nicole!
The notes are from Nicole to let you know what she did!
Baby Moses in the basket in the Nile River.
Moses as a baby. I found a large basket and boy doll and placed him in it. Them I bought a couple yards of blue fabric and cut it to where the basket will look like it is in the water. Then I put batting under the fabric to make it puff up. I also bought the reeds and placed then in a pot that I found at Dollar General to hide Miriam behind. I put Pharaoh's daughter and Miriam on stands so that they will stand up without leaning on a wall and that also gives a 3D look.
Burning Bush (Lights on & off).
Close up of the plagues
   The 10 Plagues 1. Water to blood  2. Frogs everywhere

Plague 1 & 2 Water to blood and frog. I put red food coloring in the bottom of a clear glass and let the kids pour water in and the water will then be red. For the frogs, I used a doll house and put frogs inside to show that they were everywhere.
 3. Lice  4. Flies (with fly swatters).

Plagues 3 & 4 Lice and Flies. For lice I bought small spiders at the Dollar Store and cut the legs off to make them look flatter. Flies I also bought these at the Dollar Store around Halloween and bought fly swatters. The children loved to swat at the flies.
 5. animals died  6. boils

Plagues 5 & 6 Death of the Cattle and Boils. I purchased cows and put round stick on earrings to make them look sick. For the boils, on the number is the big bubble wrap with a red reinforcement holes. Then to give to the children, we placed the round Band-Aids that we colored red to put on themselves.
Love this! The kids put 'boils' on the teachers and themselves!
7. Hail   8. Locust
Plagues 7 & 8 Hail and Locusts. I used ping pong balls and let the children throw them in the air and duck. They love this! I make the locusts out of a clothespin and they take these home as well. You can have the students make them depending on the age of the students and how much time you have.
9. Darkness with sunglasses! 10. Death of the firstborn:
      Blood on the door posts & lintel
Plagues 9 & 10 Darkness and the death of the firstborn. I take children's sunglasses and put black card stock in them so when they put them on they can not see anything. For the death of the firstborn I made doorposts and put red paint on them. You can also let them make them and color red on them.

This is how the plagues looked in the room.
Here is the Red Sea Crossing. The next set of photos are close-ups!
 This is awesome! Lift up the 'water' and let the kids walk on the 'dry land'!
We will be doing this!

Mount Sinai and Moses with the 10 Commandments
  The tablets on the table are knee boards. I found a stone colored foam board and cut it to fit the boards and them glued the ten commandments on it.
 The gold calf is a piñata!

The Golden Calf. I bought this as it was originally a piñata. I took it and paper mached it and then painted it gold.
I love that the gold calf is at the bottom of Mt. Sinai for when Moses returned to the people!
Moses and the Ten Commandments. I bought the Moses doll and made the mountain out of an upside down bucket and put brown paper on it. Then I placed beige fabric around it. The tablets are made out of air dry clay and then painted gray.
Here is a close up of the quail God gave the people.
 The quail are dove decoys that I bought at Wal Mart in the hunting section. I painted them brown and cut out brown felt to put on their heads. When I do my class I make manna cookies but in this picture I used oyster crackers either one will work.
Here is the recipe for the manna cookies:
This is the overview of the manna & quail.
Thanks again, Nicole Whitacre for the use of your photos and ideas!


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