The Bible is a Library Bulletin Board

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Our minister had mentioned in a sermon that one of his teachers said that "The Bible is a library." There are so many things to learn and it seems like we find something new every time we study it.
I have been wanting to do a bulletin board like this for a while, so I bought the graphics... and then I couldn't use them for this. There are stacks of books in the graphics, but not one of them had the number of books in the stack that I needed! I couldn't even put any together to make what I needed! So, I made my own. ☺
I lined up the Old Testament books along the bottom of my bulletin board, since I wanted them to kinda look like they are on a shelf together. I kept everything simple, without any extra picture graphics so they can be used for any age group. 
I put the New Testament books in order down the side, with the letters in each division listed on scrolls. I think this will help with the kids being able to understand how we divide the Bible.

Also, I like to have bulletin boards with the kids names, so I asked each student who their favorite Bible person is and why. I said "When I say Bible, who do you think of and what did they do?" You can print this questionnaire here.

I printed the students names on their shirts and the book from their favorite person, but since I have to lock in the graphics, I just put Holy Bible on the kids graphics. You can let them add stickers to the Bible, or draw a picture, and you can add their name on their shirts if you decide to. You can purchase the kids reading books graphics at if you want to be able to add custom lettering to yours. Click here to print the kids reading books graphics.

Click here to print the books & letters, the titles, and the scripture.
This last download has the Old & New Testament and the arrows. I put the arrows on their own sheet so you can print them on any color cardstock you want to march your board. You can print them here.


  1. Thank you for this fun and helpful post. We tweeted about it

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment! I really appreciate you sharing the post to others! Thank you! And, if you are from Bible Gateway, I love your site!

  3. What a wonderful site it has everything I need for amazing Sunday School Lessons. Last week I used the Tower of Babel and this week I'm going on to Abraham. Your ideas are fantastic - thanks Joan

    1. Thanks so much for the really nice comment! I appreciate it! Thank you for visiting!


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