Esther Part 2

Saturday, December 28, 2013
I love teaching Esther! The kids really enjoy learning about her, too!
Review: We started our study last week about Esther. She went before King Ahasuerus, and he loved her. Esther became his queen. Haman (the king's second in command) talked the king into making a new law that would kill Esther's people, the Jews!
Lesson found in the book of Esther: The Jews mourned this new law, especially Mordecai. Queen Esther was very upset when she heard and sent one of her men to ask Mordecai why this happened. Mordecai explained everything and asked for Queen Esther to go before King Ahasuerus and plead with him for her people. Except that everyone knew that there was a law about going into the inner court to see the king. If King Ahasuerus did not hold out his scepter to you, you would die. Queen Esther had not been called to see the king for a month.
Queen Esther told Mordecai to have all the Jews fast (not eat or drink) for three days. She would also do this with her maids. And then … she would go into the king, and if he didn’t hold out the scepter, she would die.
On the third day, she put on her robes and when King Ahasuerus saw her, he held out his scepter! She went close to the scepter and touched it. Think about how she had to be feeling. Her heart had to be racing and she had to be scared, but she did it! King Ahasuerus asked her “What do you wish, Queen Esther? Anything you want, up to half of the kingdom, I will give to you.”
She asked if the king and Haman would come to a banquet that she has made ready for today. King Ahasuerus called Haman to come quickly, and they went to the banquet. While they ate, King Ahasuerus asked Queen Esther what her petition was. Queen Esther replied to King Ahasuerus that she would like them to come to a banquet again the next day.
Haman went home that night and bragged to his wife and friends about his position with the king and his power. Haman told them about how Queen Esther had a banquet just for him and the king! But he told them “I just can’t stand to see that Jew, Mordecai, sitting at the king’s gate not bowing down to me.”
Haman's wife and friends suggested that he build gallows and hang Mordecai on it. Haman liked the idea, so he started building it.
That night, King Ahasuerus couldn’t sleep, so he had the records book brought to him. He read about Mordecai saving him from the two gate keepers that had planned to kill him. King Ahasuerus asked his servants what had been done as a thank you and they told him nothing. 

Haman had just come to the court, so King Ahasuerus told him to enter. The king asked Haman “What should be done to honor someone that helped the king?”
Haman told King Ahasuerus that the person should be permitted to wear royal robes while riding on a horse that the king had ridden and wear a crown. Then, parade him around in the city telling everyone that “The king is honoring this man!”

Haman thought this would be for him, but King Ahasuerus told Haman to find Mordecai and do this for him! Even worse, Haman was the one that had to lead the horse and tell everyone that this man (Mordecai) is being honored by King Ahasuerus! Haman was so upset! And then, right when Haman had finished showing off Mordecai, Haman was told to go to the next banquet with the king and queen.
So again, during this banquet, King Ahasuerus asked Queen Esther what she wanted, up to half of the kingdom. Queen Esther told King Ahasuerus “If I have found favor with you, please spare me and my people.” The king asked her who would dare to do such a thing, and she told the king " The wicked man is Haman." King Ahasuerus was so angry, he went to the garden to think and while he was in the garden, Haman begged the Queen Esther to save him.
Haman fell across the couch just when King Ahasuerus came back in and that made the king even angrier!  King Ahasuerus shouted, “Now you will attack my queen also?”    
One of the servants saw the gallows and told King Ahasuerus they were being built for Mordecai, so the king said, “Hang Haman on it!” So, they hanged Haman instead!
King Ahasuerus gave Mordecai his signet ring and gave him Haman’s position (remind them it was second in command after the king.) And Queen Esther once again went to see the king. King Ahasuerus held out his scepter and she explained about the law Haman had made about killing the Jews.
King Ahasuerus told Mordecai to "Write out a new law and seal it with my signet ring so that no one else can change the law and save your people." And that document was sent out into all the provinces.
And these things that happened were written in the king’s books and Queen Esther and Mordecai was well liked and considered great among the people. (Esther 10:3)
I set up one wall to look like a palace. I covered a regular chair with blankets for the king & queen. I set up a table between the chairs (which is actually the plastic tub with Esther supplies in it) and covered that with fabric. I handed out necklaces and rings for Esther getting ready to see the king, and everyone took home a crown.
I kept up the king & queen area but added tables for the banquet! There are tables with tablecloths, glasses and [gold] dishes to hold the feast that Esther might have had. Cheese, crackers, lots of fruit, water bottles, etc. They love anytime they get food in class! Watch for those allergies, though.

www.biblefunforkids.comWe made the gold scepters for the king. Each student took one home with them! Click on the picture to see the original post with the directions with how to make these. 
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 Bible verse: Esther 7:1

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.


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