Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Missionary Journey's of Paul From the Book of Acts Wall Decorations by Nicole
Yah! I have more pictures to share with you from my niece Nicole Whitacre! So, that means the ideas are here for you, without any printables and basically without any instructions. I have copied and pasted her comments and I pretty much let her pictures speak for themselves. I think they do a great job! Nicole likes to decorate her walls with the lessons! I feel good getting the bulletin boards ready!
From Nicole: This class covers the Missionary Journey's of Paul from the book of Acts. 
 It is for the 4th - 5th grade classes.
These are passport covers with the students names on them.
Saul's conversion ... There shined round about him a light from heaven
We used a heat lamp with a flood light for the bright light. The kids looked at it until many of them had tears in their eyes! (Lamp on)
Saul escapes in a basket. I bought the basket from Michael's.
Paul healed the lame man in Lystra. We made the cot from bamboo poles and burlap.
Paul and Silas in prison. Bought the chains from Michael's at Halloween.
Aquila and Priscilla, tent makers.
 Paul shipwrecked.
Map from where Paul travels. We will move Paul to the city he goes to each week.
Thank you, Nicole for sharing these! ☺



  1. Those are awesome! Did she use an overhead projector to draw the images life size? Great for the visual learners. This is also a great idea for Vacation Bible School for decorating. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much for the great comment! I appreciate you stopping by! Nicole said: You can use an overhead projector but I have an opaque projector that I use. Either way works great.

  2. Hi Debbie! is the map printable or just something you drew up? I usually draw my own but just looking for a cheat :) HAA thanks!
    Linda Z.

    1. The map was found in a book. The name of it is Paul by Learning Train. It is a purple book. I found it at Dollar Tree a few years ago but also bookstores sell it too. (Note from Nicole)


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