David and Goliath

Saturday, February 8, 2014
David & Goliath is such a fun lesson! It is not new for the kids, so I add these things to do and make it interesting! With God on our side, we can do it!

Review: Last week we talked about Samuel anointing David to be the next king that God had chosen. David was a shepherd. He took care of his father's sheep. David was wise, good looking, he played a harp, and he was an armor bearer for King Saul.
Today's lesson is found in 1 Samuel 17-20, 31. King Saul and his soldiers stood on a mountain and across the valley on another mountain, there were Philistines. Goliath would come out of the Philistine camp every morning & evening and shout for them to pick a man to fight him. He did this for 40 days and whoever would lose the fight would be the servants of the winner. Goliath was over 9 foot tall, that wasn’t normal, and he wore a lot of armor. He was very scary to them! He was the champion of Gath.
David's three oldest brothers were in King Saul’s army and his father told David to take grain and 10 loaves of bread to his brothers. He also took 10 cheeses to the captain. While David was talking to his brothers, Goliath called out his request and David heard it. He heard about what King Saul was rewarding to the person that beat Goliath.
David told King Saul that he would go fight Goliath, but Saul said he is too young. David was probably a teenager. David told King Saul that when a lion or bear came and took a lamb from the flock of sheep, he would kill it and take the lamb out of the mouth of the animal.
David told King Saul that God protected him from the lion and the bear, and He would protect him from Goliath! (1 Samuel 17:37) David had full, total faith in God protecting him! When King Saul put his own bronze helmet and coat of mail on David, David took them back off and said he couldn’t walk in them. David took his shepherd’s staff with him, picked 5 smooth stones from the brook and put them in his shepherd’s bag and took his sling shot.
When Goliath saw David, he made fun of him. Why would they send this young guy to fight him? David told him “Even though you come with all your weapons, I come in the name of the Lord, and He will deliver you into my hands.” They had to walk toward each other to meet for the battle.

David took out a stone and slung it. The smooth stone hit Goliath in the forehead so hard it sank into his head! Goliath fell down on his face! (vs. 49) 
David didn’t have a sword, so he took out Goliath’s sword and cut off Goliath's head. When the Philistine’s saw their champion was dead, they ran.

We will continue David next week!
I spread out this felt for water and when we talk about David picking the smooth stones from the brook, I let the kids pick 5 stones and put them in the bag to take home. Kids love rocks!
I made these slingshots for the kids. I also handed out a couple of marshmallows for them to sling it like David, because, you know they really wanted to! I have made the slingshots and the 'stream' for them to pick up the 5 smooth stones and put them in their bags for years. I purchase the bags on eBay and the stones are river rocks from Dollar Tree. But I found the marshmallow idea here (from Pinterest, of course!). There is also a video and other ideas for you to check out!
The project we did for this lesson is black & white so the kids can color it. They will cut it out and put Goliath together, so he is BIG! I printed the last page on blue paper for the water. I gave them sun die cuts. I also used glitter glue for the rocks before class so the glue would be dry. To have the paper big enough, I cut poster board in half and let them make the poster to take home! Click on the above picture to download and print.
Click here to download the worksheet.
These are for 1 Samuel 17. All are not shown.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)

 I did put up this board also to discuss shepherds and that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  It is The Good Shepherd (CD-3416). Everything is by Carson-Dellosa. The sheep border is #CD-3313, and the grass along the bottom is CD-110072.
There's a really cute shepherd & sheep small double sided set you can purchase that would make a great mobile or small bulletin board.
The Spell-It-Out David letters were updated again, and I also added the David Flap Book.
Click here to see more about these and to download.


  1. When I click on the Free Visual Aids link and some of the Pictures, a Distant Shore website pops up??

    1. Jane, yes, this is where you will find all the free visuals. On my newer posts, I have put them together in a PDF file. I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. The Spell It Out letters for David link goes in circles from post to post.

    1. The link takes you to the original page that has the download. Click the download on the page and it comes up to either download or print. These link show you some other options that are available that can be used with the lesson. Thanks for visiting!


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