Old Testament Bulletin Boards Part 2

Thursday, February 27, 2014
This post is bulletin boards that I used for the second part of the Old Testament Bible People study. Included are Elijah, Daniel and Jonah and any printables that I can share with you.
For Elijah, I used Joseph and covered the name with the scripture. I really wish someone would make Bible bulletin board people again. These are not made anymore, and you just can't find them anywhere. I used the cloud paper for the base, then added the green, brown and the blue.  I used a marker to draw grass on the green, and wavy lines for the water. For the ravens, I printed out the pattern and cut the birds from black cardstock. I used a craft knife to make a slit and added the feathers. I used a couple of glue dots on top for the feathers and tape on the back. This is a 4' x 4' bulletin board. You can print the bird pattern, 5" letters, scripture & verse here.
For Daniel, I used gray background and made it look like rocks. I printed Daniel, the lions the Daniel title letters, and the scripture. This is a 4'x4' board. (I cut a 4'x8' board in half for Elijah and Daniel)You can print everything except for the background here.
For this bulletin board for Jonah, I divided the 4' x 8' board in half. I used a plain blue background for the whole board, then added the parts. I used some cloud paper for the top right that I had left over, and brown "kraft' paper I found at Dollar Tree for the sand. The other pieces I printed and cut out. I 'popped' the lightening, clouds, boat sails and the fish. I stapled the top of the lightening, and pushed the bottom of the bold up a little to make it stick out, then stapled one side of a cloud and pushed it towards the stapled side to make it stick out in the center. I stapled the bottom of the boat, then staple one sail, then pushed the other sail closer to the center to make it 'pop'. Same with the fish.


  1. Where can i find a Joseph like the one you have on your poster board,I love your ideas and thank you for sharing.

    1. Is this the Joseph? https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Jacob-to-Joseph-Bible-Series-Set-1-by-Charlottes-Clips-2000789 If not, can you leave a comment on the post so I can see the correct one? Thank you!

  2. Thank you so, so much! I so appreciate you sharing these wonderful ideas. With Love, Keri

  3. Thank you so, so much for sharing these wonderful ideas! I appreciate you and your willingness to make these available. With Love, Keri

  4. Muchas gracias, por fin encontre lo que necesitaba para contar la historia este sábado a mis niños. Dios la bendiga y gracias nuevamebte por compartir este recurso valioso


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