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Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Here are a couple of random bulletin boards that I just finished and thought it might give some an idea for their own! There are some printables to help, though!
This bulletin board is for my classroom. I was thinking Spring and all the things that God has made for us to enjoy. The kids like having a bulletin board that has their name and/or picture on it, so if I can make one to be Biblical, I add their names, then they take home their piece when I take it down. I started with the Carson-Dellosa Boho Birds Bulletin Board set (CD 110202),

I used the Boho Birds straight border (CD108149),

When I took down the David bulletin board, I left the blue up, took down the green, cut it smaller, and put it back up. I used the leftover green to make a strip of grass that I cut into thin strips, leaving at least one inch along the bottom. Once it was stapled on the board, I gently squished it to make the texture. I added all the pieces that you see and they are here if you want to download them.

We have what is called a 'Summer Series' on Wednesday evenings. Ministers from other congregations are invited to preach on whatever that years topic is. This year is Here is Your God, and each label pictured on the above board has the different topics about God that will be talked about for the 13 weeks. I thought it might help give someone an idea for the products you see here. I used the Creative Teaching Press (CTP 6584) borders that is called Dots on Chocolate Perfect Pairs. It has both the border and the banners. I also used the Name Plates (CTP 6544). I printed the titles and glued them to each name plate.

I also cut some of the banner pieces into arrows by cutting a small rectangle off each of the wide end to bring attention to the scripture on the bottom right of the bulletin board. You can see the Dots On Chocolate products here.
Dots on Chocolate products here. 
And, if you want to make a Here is Your God bulletin board, you can print what I used here, except I deleted the week numbers since they don't apply.
Here is another bulletin board I just finished. You can see the theme for this year is Pass It On In 2014, and I couldn't get anything to work how I wanted it to! I had different ideas to use for the candles, but... nope. So, I finally caved after I did at least 5 other bulletin boards and still didn't have this one done! I used a free flame font.

Since the candles were really plain, I was really tired of the candles by now, I just used a piece of poster board to make the giant explosion design, then the yellow bulletin board paper under it. It actually looks like I wanted it that way! There are several scriptures that make a great 'Be a Light' bulletin board, so this is another idea on how to use candles.

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