Preschool Alphabet: D is for Disciples

Monday, March 24, 2014
D is for Disciples of Jesus
Preschool at home ideas and printables!
This week we are talking about the 12 Disciples of Jesus using the scripture found in Luke 6:12-15. Jesus picked 12 men to be His disciples. I used this Jesus' Galilean Boat Playset display by Tales of Glory. In the next photo, I had a fishing net laid out, and they had small nets 'catching' fish like the Disciples. (Netting saved from hams, turkeys, oranges, etc.)
Jesus saw two brothers Simon Peter and Andrew fishing. Jesus told them to Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men. The stopped what they were doing and followed Jesus right away. Next, Jesus saw James and John who were brothers mending their fish nets. They left their boat right away to follow Jesus!
Next were Philip and Bartholomew. Jesus saw Matthew who was a tax collector. Matthew left his tax office right away to follow Jesus! Jesus also picked Thomas, James, Simon, and Thaddeus. The last chosen was Judas Iscariot.
We also used these Apostles that were hand drawn by Nina Smith! She has permitted me to use them here and allow you to download them! They are black & white, and I used my scrapbook pens to color them in. The girls had fun picking the colors and handing me the pens to use! I cut mine out and used a strip of the leftover cardstock to make the stands for them. Thanks Nina!
We did this paper plate project. Since I have every color of paper plate EXCEPT blue, I painted them the night before! I printed the net on brown cardstock and used stickers for the rest. The Jesus stickers are from Oriental Trading, and you can find fish stickers anywhere stickers are sold. Everything but the paper plate is in the download if you need it, though. Also, this one download has color and black and white, so you can pick whichever you like. Click here to print it.
We also did this project that looks like a card. On the outside front it has Jesus with a Disciple, and the inside has Jesus saying, again, Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. I printed the front and inside in black and white, but the kids for the inside in color. So, you can mix these up to make the project yours. These first two choices are all done, and just need printed:

These next downloads have the kids of the world on their own page so they can be cut and glued. The point being that Jesus wanted His Disciples to teach everyone about Him.
Click here to print in B/W.

I have used this when teaching about the disciples. To save time, I have purchased stickers for the students to use like these.
We also used the Disciples and egg carton project found in the following link to review and sing the Disciples song. We sang the song a LOT!  This link will take you to the post with the download, and not directly to the printable. There are several choices available. Click here to see it.
We also used these books you can find here:
Here are some books for the letter D.
The maze has them take Jesus to each of the Disciples.
There are always other printables in the alphabet packs which includes several pages like D is for Dog, etc. and not necessarily from the Bible. There are always retelling cards to print and let them tell you what they learned about the Bible. And there are always one or two pictures to color of the Bible facts for each letter. This pack includes the duck cut and paste also.
Click here to download the pack.
Click on the above picture to see the
A-Z Bible People Pictures to Color.
Click on the above picture to
 find more A-Z God made It printables.


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