Genesis Room Decorating by Nicole

Thursday, April 17, 2014
 Here is another post with pictures and ideas from my Niece Nicole! These whole room decorations are for Genesis lessons. As always, there are pictures and basic instructions of what she did. These are to help give you ideas, but it will be up to you to actually recreate! Thanks for sharing with us Nicole!
The numbers were purchased at Hobby Lobby and I covered them with fabric and added things that were not on it. I also had to use a L for the 7 because they were out of them. We cut it so that it would look more like a 7. I also placed the scriptures under the numbers.
Adam and Eve were cut out of plywood and we draped a thick fabric that looks like an animal skin. I just used small animals to place in the garden. Most of them are Webkins or Ty. I get most of these at yard sales. The tree was one I just had around the house. I bought the round ornaments that I found at Hobby Lobby. Since we don't know what the fruit was, this doesn't make it look like a particular one.
The snake here that I used is a Webkin.
Cain & Abel
We placed Cain in a box and put dirt in it. Then we used a vine that I had gotten at a yard sale and cut them off and placed them in the dirt to look like a garden.
We used a grass tablecloth on the wall and floor. We placed the sheep on stands and covered the base with green paper. The sheep are from Home Interiors Kids. I got these a few years ago at a yard sale.
We cut the ark out of plywood and painted it. We put a box behind the door and the window and painted it to look like it was inside the ark. The stand is two by fours with a groove in it for the ark to set in it.

The Tower of Babel. We used different sizes of boxes and covered them with bulletin board paper.
I bought the city scene setter from Oriental Trading. We made the flames to look like the city is burning. You can't really see it in the picture but we used spray glue on Lot's wife and put salt on her.
One of our deacons went out to get us the thicket that he placed on a board. Then we put the ram in the thicket. I didn't have a ram so we took a lamb and put horns on it. We used paper towel rolls to make the horns.
We made the altar out of a box and spray painted it gold. Then we found an old screen to place on top with the wood and Isaac on top of it.
Thanks Nicole for sharing your ideas and inspiration!

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