Parables of Jesus VBS: Day 1 The Great Feast

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Our VBS this year is Parables of Jesus. We decided to design our own Vacation Bible School and the first night is The Great Feast in Luke 14:15-24. This post is what I did for my classroom and door and grades 1-4 used the room.
I had all the walls done for VBS early, except for this lesson. I decided to set up tables to look like a banquet. I lined up a couple of tables, added table clothes, set plates, silverware, etc in the front, but added lots of pretend food along the back.
I found the plates and the rest of the table settings at Dollar Tree. To make it easy, we had a bowl with snack baggies with grapes, cheese & crackers (that is the empty bowl on the right ☺). We didn't want a meal, just a small snack to work with the Great Feast lesson. And, be careful handing out food because of allergies.
I wanted a 'feast' atmosphere, but not a wedding since this is not the wedding feast found in Matthew 22:1-14. So, I made these pennants and added them to my white board to give it some color! It is directly behind the feast table we have set up. I used ribbon to connect them.
I printed this on color cardstock to add to the whiteboard. This is the theme, or main point for this lesson. You can cut the copyright off the top after printing. You can download it here.
We have 20 minutes to teach and review our lesson. The kids rotate to 4 different activities for 20 minutes each. They have the Bible lesson, Paul's Theater where they watch the lesson as a play, they have a craft time, and their food time. The Elders say there's no excuse not to come because you can even get a meal! When the kids are done eating, they see a puppet reenactment. The kids practice puppets for Lads To Leaders (L2L), so why not use those skills for our kids?
Paulette began our time with greetings, and she talked about Jesus telling parables and what exactly is a parable? (An earthly story with a Heavenly meaning) That led into excuses and what is an excuse? Paulette let them answer, then explained. that it is a reason you give for why you didn't or couldn't do something. Sometimes it's not even the truth! Then, it was my turn to tell the Bible lesson. Since today's lesson was a feast lesson, Ramona handed out the snack baggies and they ate while I taught the lesson. You can click on the picture above to print the lesson I used for grades 1 & 2.
Click here to print the lesson for grades 3 & 4 that Lindsey used and is letting me share with you.
After the lesson, we played a reinforcement game. Games are Paulette's job, since I am not good at games! I just say I want them fun and the kids to be permittted to be LOUD! Fun memories for VBS!  The tables and chairs are all removed for VBS and the kids sit on the floor. 
Paulette decided to do a bean bag toss Target Game she made up. We had the kids sit (they could stand) in a circle around the game boards you see above. The kids would toss a beanbag onto the words. Paulette would ask a question, depending on where they landed. If they landed on YES or NO, she would ask a question like Did you help your Mom today? They would answer with what they landed on.
If it landed on EXCUSE, they had to make up an excuse why they didn't do what she asked them. For instance, Why didn't you clean your room today?  Why didn't you you walk your dog?  Why didn't you play with brother/sister? They had to make up an excuse why they didn't do it. I didn't have time, I didn't feel like it, (nobody said I forgot!) Then, everybody shouted "Don't make excuses!". You can cut a piece of poster into 4 sections to make your own, but you could really just draw lines to divide it and keep it as one game board. Or, you can print a set here.
Click to see the PHOTO visuals that I used.
I am not permitted to add them here, but you can use the search bar to find them. I didn't use all that they have available (I used 4).
The Books of the Bible triangle pennants were strung above the white board. You can click on the picture to see and print them.
I purchased the Jesus Standup at Oriental Trading. I am moving Him each night to be by the Parable that we are discussing. I want the kids to remember that Jesus is the One telling the Parables. 

I also decorated the door, which I decided to add to this post since this is for the first day. I measured the door and used the blue bulletin board paper as the base layer, then added the different greens for the bottom. I used 5" Cricut Learning Curve letters (shadow) for Parables of Jesus. Everything was printed and cut out, except for Jesus. I drew Him onto poster board, painted Him, and outlined everything with a Sharpie. You can print everything here except for the welcome sign:

I used this welcome sign on the door. It is Word so you can change the grade level to whatever you need. I cut it out, and added a couple more layers with cardstock. Click here to print the sign.
It doesn't show the text when I click on it, but when I download it, it does. So, let me know if it doesn't work for you.
Click on the above picture to see the main foyer and hall decorations, and the links for all four Parables of Jesus VBS classroom decorations, lessons, games & more.


  1. I love your VBS theme and ideas!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your ideas and lessons! I enjoy them and use them for my class!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing with us amazing ideas to do in class. I have to give this lesson on Sunday but, with different approach. I loved dinner table. beautiful. Thanks again.


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