Summer Bulletin Boards

Thursday, July 17, 2014
I have pictures of two Summer bulletin boards that I decided to put on one post. I have other bulletin boards that people have shared with me, but will put them on different posts.

I just finished this one and I did one like this years, really, years ago. I saw it on Pinterest and thought I would do it again. You can find the original Pinterest idea here along with more bulletin board ideas.

I purchased the tablecloth, checkered paper plates, silverware at The Dollar Tree. I cut 2 pieces of poster board in half, rounded the corners to make them look like place mats. I cut brown bulletin board paper and added grain to the 'wood' with a Sharpie to look like the tablecloth is on a picnic table. I printed the food and the Bible and glued them onto the paper plates. I also laid out the silverware with the ribbon where I wanted them, and stapled and glued them to the placemat. Then I folded up the napkin around the silverware and tied up the ribbon. I only stapled the top of the tablecloth to the board. I left the bottom hanging so it can sway as people walk by.
This bulletin board was done by Cathy Ross and her daughter Carrie. I don't have any directions for you, but she said it was hard to lay the red stripes to make it look right! It looks like a lot of work to me, and I love it! Thanks for letting me share it!

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