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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
I found new Creation graphics at Educlips and I couldn't stop making things for this lesson, so I put them all here in one post! I used them with a Creation post that you will see soon, but as I was getting everything ready, it was just too much for one post!
I really liked the idea of a lapbook and a file folder game, and I couldn't decide which one to make, so I made them both! They each have their good points, the file folder game you see above can be used over and over again. "Who made..."  is an every day question at my house! So, this is a nice hands-on way to reinforce that God made everything. This file has been updated with words on all the cards as per the graphic designer's request. You can print the file folder game here.
We also used the lapbook. She loves to cut and glue, and she glued the correct pictures under the numbered flap. Then, she added stickers, and more stickers for the days that we could. The lapbook is basically a one time use folder, but this can be used for a wide age range. Oder kids can write under each number what God made and the scripture, and/or draw their own pictures. Then, it can be used for review. This is color only. You can download the lapbook here.
We also used these cards for review. It is easier for preschoolers, they can just match up the pictures. But, they are seeing and learning what the numbers1-7 look like while they are reinforcing that God made everything. For older kids, just divide two pieces of paper into fourths and write the numbers on each piece. They can also be used for a Go Fish game by turning them upside down and trying to match them that way. This is color only. You can print the Match-Up Game Cards here.
She loved the Creation mini book! After she colored it, she added stickers to the pages. This includes the color and black & white. I usually print a color version to use as a teacher's visual. And, black & white for the students. You can print it here.
She loved the coloring book also, and we added stickers to this also after she colored it.
this is black & white only. You can print it here.
And, last is a cut & glue worksheet that is perfect for classroom use! This is in color only, and the students will cut out the pictures and glue them with the correct day. The teacher visual is also included in the Click here to download.


  1. Thanks Debbie for sharing your wonderful resources.

  2. Awww, she certainly looks like she's having fun!! :) Pinning this one from the link-up, too. :)

  3. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank You!!! God Bless.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it and I am glad you can use it!

  4. Thank you so much for this. I wanted to make a lapbook for my toddler for church and this is perfect!

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