Preschool Alphabet: A is for Areopagus in Athens

Thursday, September 18, 2014
These preschool Bible lessons are created and used at home, so there are some basic preschool learning skills printables added to each post. The Bible lesson and Bible printables are suitable for home or Bible class use. As of this post, we have covered most of the alphabet, but now little sister is learning her preschool skills! So, I am starting over with the alphabet, and adding preschool lessons that are not posted here yet, and plan to add as much from the book of Acts that I can. This week's lesson is about Paul and he teaches about the Unknown God.
Paul Preached to the people at Areopagus. It is also known as Mars Hill. We read this lesson in Acts 17:15-34. We also used Play-Doh to make our own Areopagus and used a small Bible man that I have for Paul.
The Apostle Paul went to Athens. Paul asked Silas and Timothy to hurry and meet Paul in Athens. While Paul was waiting for Silas and Timothy to come to Athens, he walked around the city. Paul became very upset because as he looked around Athens, there were idols all over!

Paul tried to talk to people in the synagogue and in the market. He talked to people every day! Paul told them about Jesus and that Jesus had lived, then died on the cross. Paul told them about the resurrection of Jesus. (vs. 18) Jesus is alive in heaven!
The people of Athens took Paul to the Areopagus. Areopagus means big piece of rock. It is also called Mars Hill. Paul was standing on top of this big rock called Areopagus, and the people asked Paul to tell them about Jesus! They told Paul that they had not heard of Jesus before. (vs. 20) But, they also wanted Paul to explain what it means. (click here to print visual)
Paul stood on Areopagus and told the people that it seems like they are very religious. They have so many objects, their idols, that they worship. But, Paul also saw an altar that said "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD". (vs. 23) (Click here to print visual)

The One that you worship is the Creator of all things! He is the One that I am going to tell you about. God made the whole world! He made everything that is in the world! He is the Lord of heaven and of earth! God doesn't live in temples made from men. God gives life to every person and animal. And, God wants us to worship Him, not idols. God wants everyone to repent and follow Him.

Some of the people made fun of Paul, but others followed him and wanted to learn more about Jesus.
These are pictures to color about this lesson. The first one is Paul walking around Athens and he sees all the idols. He is not happy. I talked about idols, and things that can be idols today, then I had her put an X on all the idols. God said "No!". The second picture is Paul preaching on Areopagus. You can download them here.
As we talked about God being the Creator, I said "look outside. Name some things that you see outside that God made." That was fun, and really made her think of all the different things we take for granted that God made. We also reviewed with some of the creation printables. Click here to see the newest printables, or click on creation on the side bar for more options.
Since it is fall, I went with A is for apple for most of the week. And, I found new apple graphics that I wanted to use, too! They love headbands! So, I made this and let her add some apple stickers on it to wear while we did the apple taste test. It is available in color or black & white. You can click here to print them.
We used this Counting Apples file folder game to work on counting and number recognition. They have so much fun with file folder games! Click here to print it.
We used these apple tree cards to start learning number recognition. I also used them to help her point and count more accurately. You can also use clothespins and let them pin the correct number of apples. (This is an old idea, not mine) Click here to print them.
We purchased 5 different types of apples that were 5 different colors and cut them up for a taste test. God makes so many good apples! Did you know that there are over 2,500 kinds of apples in the USA? And, over 7,500 different kinds in the world? God is amazing! You can see more about the apple facts here. I also talked about them having seeds and that God put seeds in the apples so that they could reproduce. Look at how little seed is, and it makes a big tree and so many apples!

The apples are all different, and we all liked different tastes and textures! And, let them 'make' apple turnovers! Yummy fun! I didn't add any names for the apples, I just added the pictures of the apples we bought since you probably won't find the same kind of apples that we found. Click here to print the Apple Taste Test Graph.

She loves to cut and glue. She can do this for hours! So, I made the Life cycle of an Apple a cut & glue project. The download has color and black & white. There is also  a completed worksheet so you can see where the pieces go, or can be used for a visual.  Click here to print it.
Since we have worked on the letter A with her sister, I did not include the normal book list and printables. Click here to find more ideas, A books, and the printables for the letter A.
Some history and other information about the Areopagus is found at Wikipedia.

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