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IFA: Investigating Bible Facts in Acts Supplies
There were so many great items for sale this Spring for VBS that had to do with Investigators! I started at Hobby Lobby and my head just filled with all kinds of ideas! Then, Oriental Trading had a lot, so I had even more ideas in my head! Then, Lifeway had their VBS with the Agency D3, and I found some items in their store! Since I thought Investigating Bible Facts is a great idea anyway, I decided to teach the 30 weeks of Acts with this theme. I will have bulletin boards, worksheets and different ideas for this. When I can, I will have the idea usable for any Bible lessons, not just Acts.
The first download is the worksheet you see above. I found the black notebooks at Dollar Tree, and the kids will add a new page each week. I have mine typed in with each weeks information, and they will add a sticker or use a stamper and ink pad to the small file folder. They will cut and glue the picture to the snapshot area. If you do not want to print the pictures, you can have them draw something about the lesson. Then, they will answer the questions on the notebook paper on the right.
 These are plain for you or your student to fill in.
 Click here to print the ACTS worksheets.
Click here to print the general Bible Facts worksheet.
If you plan to teach the same Acts lesson plan that I am using, then you can download the above worksheets already filled in here. You can print the above pictures here. They are for the snapshot space on the bottom left of the worksheet.

I plan to have something for the students to correspond with Investigating Bible Facts that they will add to each week, and take everything home when we finish our study in Acts.
The above worksheets will be kept in these clipboards I found at Dollar Tree. I used the Agents of Truth tape and stickers from Oriental Trading. A few things are also from Lifeway. You can print extra add-ons here. I used my Xyron Sticker Maker (permanent refill) to apply them to the notebooks.
They will also use these 1" three ring binder notebook to add their worksheets and extra papers each week. I used the Oriental Trading Duct Tape and badge. I divided the printables between the clipboard and this notebook. Download the printables here.
I found these notebooks at Dollar Tree and I will have the students glue their Bible verses inside each week. I have them ready as you see in the photo, and they will write their names and add some stickers and stamp them. Click here to print (enough for 5 per page).
I also redid the passports that I use for Acts. The kids love stamping in the passport each week! These are half sheets and look more like real passports. I printed my cover on a heavy blue cardstock, and the inside on white cardstock. Everything is in the download, whether you want the weekly stamp area plain, or typed in with my lesson plan. Directions for printing are included also. Click here to print the updated passport.
I also made I.D. tags, cards, etc. You really can't be an investigator without this stuff! I make something like these for Acts anyway, since Paul is traveling, so this is just a little different style. To make the lanyard I.D. (bottom left in photo) as affordable as possible, after printing and filling in the information. Fold it, glue it together, and laminate them. Use a hole punch at the top center. I found lanyard string and hooks at Wal Mart in the craft section (top left in photo). I actually purchased the parachute cord because I liked the color! Once they were cut (3 ft. each), my husband burned the ends for me to stop the fray. They look fantastic! You could use yarn or ribbon.

For the I.D. wallet (bottom right in photo) after they are cut, and the information is filled in, the pieces need glued to the cardstock. Follow the directions and size that are on the document. Then, laminate if possible. The agent badge also has directions on the document. Click here to download all the I.D. printables.
I went to Hobby lobby and purchased these bags, and stenciled the IFA lettering on them. I already had these Crayola Fabric markers, but when I bought them, it was the cheapest way to design fabric. Follow the directions, make sure the bag is flat, handles out and up, and remember to put something inside the bag to keep any inks from leaking. I just stenciled the letters on one side. After I printed out the stencil, I carefully cut out the letters and used the negative sheet as my pattern. As you see in the photo above, I lined up the paper with the bag. I also drew a straight line for where the center triangle for the A fit (see photo). The students will store their pens/pencils/crayons/notebooks and extra items in these for the whole study of Acts.
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  1. You mentioned that you are using these printables to go along with 30 weeks of teaching Acts. Are those the Bible lessons you posted in October of 2013? Thank you for your reply. :)

    1. You an use those lessons, but I am adding new Acts posts starting Dec.6th. Most are the same lessons, but with everything updated, new projects, etc.

  2. Awesome I ideas. I can't wait to try them.

  3. WOW! Very helpful and great graphic organizers. Thanks!

  4. This is such a great idea. I'm sure my kids would love to do this with me.

  5. Thank you for sharing this post on The Sunday Showcase!

  6. Thank you so much, you make me a better teacher! You have such great ideas. Thank you for all you do for everyone.

  7. When I click on the Acts lessons, I don't see any lesson plans I only see one picture. For example, it says venn diagram but I don't see that. How do I get to those plans?

    1. Sorry, I don't see a Venn Diagram on this page, but if you are clicking on the tab above that says Acts Lessons, there is underlined text under each picture. Click on that and it will direct you to the post for the lesson in the picture above it. The first Venn I see is here (in case this is the one you are looking for), just scroll down the lesson to see it: Let me know if you need more help with it. Thanks. ☺

  8. Thank you so much for these resources! I have been struggling in deciding how to teach Acts to my children (ages 4-10) - what visuals, how to get everyone involved without losing the older or younger, etc. This will definitely help!

  9. Thank you so much for all these wonderful resources. I am from Honduras and from here I pray to God to strengthen you and enlight you even more and prosper you abundantly. Many thanks for sharing.


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