The Creation For Kids: Day 4

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Several websites collaborated together to share ideas for The Creation found in Genesis. Welcome to Day 4 of this series! God created the sun, moon and stars on Day 4.

We learn about Day 4 of God's creation in Genesis 1:14-19.  God created lights in the firmament of the heavens. It would give lights to the earth and would be used to have different seasons and separate days and years. So God put in motion the earth’s rotation. God made two great lights. The sun made the light for the day. The lesser light was the moon for night. God made the stars also. It was good.
I have several of this type of book on this website. I used to make them when I had time to scrapbook. The kids love them! The book part of the printable is just black & white. You can print the pictures for each day in color or black & white. Or, students can draw the picture for each day. There are also simple Fill-in-the-Blanks for each day. I have included an answer sheet and directions for assembly. Click here to download the Number Flip Book.
To make these books:
If possible, print onto cardstock. You don't have to print onto cardstock, but they will hold up better with kids. As you cut each page out, you cut around the left side of the rectangle/square/page area, then, as you come around to the right side of the letters, they are around the outside. LEAVING the letters attached to the page. For an example, CLICK HERE to see the MOSES Flap Book.
Look at the Moses Flap Book photo. The letter S is not touched on the left, but the right side is. When the pages are layered on top of each other, they will spell out the word, in this case MOSES. Lay them as you see in the photo, and use a hole punch on the left side to add the holes to make it like a book. You can use ribbon, or book rings to hold the pages together.

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