The Creation For Kids: Day 7

Sunday, January 18, 2015
 Welcome to the last day, Day 7, of this series! God created everything and saw that it was good in six days, then He rested on Day 7.

We can read all about God's creation in Genesis 1 & 2.
Click to see each Day of Creation in this series:

Day 1 God created the light.
On Day 2, He created the sky.
Day 3 was land, plants and seas.
On Day 4 God created the sun, moon and stars.

Day 5 He made the birds and the fish.
Day 6 was the animals and Adam & Eve.
On Day 7, which is the end of our Creation For Kids Series, God rested. Genesis 2:1-3

The project printable for this post is a paper plate craft. It doesn't have to be attached to a paper plate, but it is designed to fit a standard paper plate. The top layer is made to be cut into sections so it is Lift-the-Flap fun for the kids. The base layer has the answers. They can spin the top and look for the correct answer underneath the top numbered flap. You can print the base with the graphics, or print the plain base for the students to draw or write the answers. Everything can be printed in color or black & white.  Click here to print it.
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  1. These look like great activities!!! I can't wait until Caleb's older so I can really teach him to love God's Word. <3


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