Apostle Paul Bulletin Boards

Thursday, March 5, 2015
There are two bulletin boards for the Apostle Paul in this post. They both have the all the graphics included to print your own! Also, one of the bulletin boards has matching worksheets included.
This bulletin board should have been included with the IFA: Investigating Facts in Acts. I saw it in my files, but couldn't find it posted on the blog. I finally remembered that I had it all ready to post, and had to remove it because the clipart artist changed the Terms of Use. So, I purchased more clipart and created it all again! And, the kids loved it! This bulletin board is some of the facts that we are specifically told about Paul in Acts 22. If you want to use this for older students, you don't need to print the kids and it would probably fit onto a poster board. Click here to download this bulletin board.
These posters are also available if you like something for an older classroom.
 Click here to see them.
I was making the worksheets below for the last lesson of Acts. Paul is in Rome and I wanted a general review of what we learned about Paul. I thought the Snapshots would make a great bulletin board also, so here it is! I included 4 camera in case you would like to put one in each corner. You could also make the Snapshots a Flip Chart, or visuals. They could even be used above a bulletin board. Click here to download the Snapshots of the Apostle Paul. *Click here to download the UPDATED set. Pictures are corrected and these have short titles on each.
These worksheets will be the printable for the last lesson in Acts. But, I wanted to add them here also with the matching bulletin board. The students will write a brief summary under each photo for the event  in the picture. Click here to print the worksheets at my TPT store. This has been updated and listed as a freebie here.


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