God Makes Spring

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
This is a Bible preschool at home post, but the color pictures can be used in a preschool class to ask/remind students that God Makes Everything. There is also a Ladybug and Bee Make-Your-Own Template included.
I actually started this post to add the ladybug pattern that you see below. I couldn't find a template anywhere, so I made one!
I can't remember why we started talking about ladybugs, but when the kids want to know about something, I try to have fun with their curiosity! I looked for a ladybug template and couldn't find one, but I did find some interesting and easy to understand ladybug facts for the kids here.
These are bigger as you can see and you can just shrink the pattern for a smaller ladybug. I used a circle punch to cut the black dots and wiggle eyes.  Click here to download the ladybug template.

This pack has several printables for ladybugs, The number ladybug can be printed in color or black & white. The kids will put a number in the box and add the correct number of spots. If you cut the spots in different colors, they can add the correct number of color spots. I used a 1 1/2" circle punch to cut my spots. Click here to download.
Also, for Spring, we made this bee. They like cut and glue projects, but I mostly cut and the younger ones glue and color! They love to see all the parts working together to make the final project. The directions are included in the download. Click here to print.
This is the color visuals that have various things outside that God makes. They can be used to teach the children to look for all the different things that God makes for us. You can also work on colors with this project. There are pictures to color to match the color visuals. Click here to print them.
 Here are a couple of other posts that might interest you. Click here for God makes the butterflies.
 Click here for God Makes the Flowers & Plants.

Click here for God Made it Outside.
Here are a couple of ladybug books we looked at.
They had fun looking at everything with these! Found at Target Dollar Spot.


  1. I don't have young children or grands yet (and I stay far away from the Sunday School classrooms!), so I can't really use any of this, but it looks WONDERFUL, and brings back such fond memories of those times. Great stuff!

  2. Hi I'm your neighbor today on Simple Moments Stick. Love all of your packets and the fact that they are available today. I used to be the preschool director at our church for years and I had to buy the things I used. I love these and printing some off to have for my grandsons one day. My oldest is only 19 months old. THANK YOU!

  3. Cute resources, Debbie. : ) Found you on Titus 2sDay.

  4. Thanks for these great downloads. My son loves cutting and coloring and he will absolutely love these activities.

  5. I love these printables! I will be featuring this post at the Thoughtful Spot on Monday! Thanks for linking it up!

    1. Thank you Laura! And, thank you for the feature! I really appreciate it and wil link back to you!

  6. I love this concept! God made the seasons as well as all the lovely things we enjoy as part of the seasons!

  7. Debbie, your beautiful, colorful posts always make me happy! Even tho I don't have little kids - or grandkids yet - I truly enjoy reading and seeing what you do! Hugs. Susan


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