Using Task Cards in a Bible Class

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
I asked Danielle Ringold to write a post about using Task Cards in Bible class. I have been asked how to use them and there are several sets available on this blog. My daughter has used them in public education, so she has listed some ideas for us. I have added some of our Task Cards through the post for you.

Part of the reason I asked Danielle to write this post is because I have these Beatitudes Task Cards on the post that you will see this Thursday. I thought a little better understanding on how to use them might help others. I will give you the link early for this set here! ☺

Using Task Cards in a Bible Class
Task cards are a great resource that can be used in any Bible class level. Students love trying new strategies, working with their peers, and not constantly sitting in a lecture style classroom. Would you like to begin using task cards in your Bible class? If yes, keep reading!
This post has ideas to use the Life of Jesus Task Cards.
There are a few ways to keep task cards organized so that your students can easily complete all of them, even if they are used in multiple settings over multiple days. I recommend no matter which way you keep your students organized, you find a way to laminate the cards for durability.
1. Punch all of the cards on the top left corner, put them in order, and put a ring through the corner. Metal rings can be found at any office supply store.
2. Purchase task cards that are numbered and provide your students with a checklist they can use as they complete the cards in any order. This is a great way to organize if you do not have the ability to print a ton of sets of cards.
3. If you want different students or groups of students to complete different sets of cards (maybe you have different learning levels or interests within your class) you can purchase pencil bags and label them for the student or group of students who will be completing that particular set. The student(s) simply grab the bag and complete any or all of the cards it holds. See it here.
Click here for the first Creation Task Cards or here for the second set.
As you can see from the above, Task Cards can be used for different ages.
Incorporating Task Cards into class
Once your cards are organized, it is time to use them! There are lots of ways that you can incorporate them. I have listed some ideas below!
1. Are you going to be absent at the last minute? Don’t have a friend at church stress about finding a good lesson. Print off some task cards for your students to complete while you are gone.
2. Task cards make great Bell Ringers or Do Nows. The first 5 minutes of class can be pointless as students arrive late or logistical things are happening. Instead of wasting that time, give your students a task card. Maybe every student has the same task card or they use a check list and move through them in the order they want to.
3. Task cards also make great Exit Tickets. If your lesson every runs short, you can keep a stash of these and have them ready for your students to complete.
4. Great independent practice. If you can find cards that go along with your lesson, task cards are great for students to complete to extend their learning.
5. Awesome for group work! Give each group a set to complete. They work together at their own pace and discuss as they go.
6. Great for discussions. Bible task cards typically have passages and questions. As a whole group you can read the passage and then discuss the question. Once again, something that takes little planning.
Resurrection of Jesus Post has these with more ideas to use the set.
No matter how you choose to use task cards in your class, your students will be glad you did! It is a great change of pace for them and a wonderful learning opportunity!
Click here for a free teen task card set.
For a set of 50 task cards covering topics for teens, click here.
Click here to see the Task Cards available at Bible Lessons For Teens TPT store.
For more ways to use Task Cards, you can download a free eBook here.
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  1. Genius! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to try this in my Bible class.

  2. I like these! Not only would these be great in a Sunday School class, but also as a morning circle time activity in my homeschool. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think they would be great for homeschool! And, fun for youth get togethers! Thanks for sropping by!

  3. Great idea and great explanation, thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings.

  4. Hello, Danielle and Debbie! :) I've never heard of using task cards such as these before, but I could definitely use these in Sunday School or even AWANA at church. I really like how the task cards make Bible learning a little more hands on rather than having to listen to a lesson lecture-style. Thanks for sharing with us at Grace and Truth last week!
    Jen :)

    1. Thanks Jen! They can be used so many different ways for any subject! Thank for the comment!

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