Spell-It-Out: Satan Is

Friday, May 15, 2015
I love the Spell-It-Out Letters for bulletin boards and posters. If you have a couple of minutes, you can review each point on the letters.
I thought  this should have been included with the Satan Is bulletin board visuals from Cathy, but didn't think of it until after the post was already live. So, here it is in it's own short post! Click here to download.
Click here to see the original visuals I created using Cathy's set she designed.

Where's Lucifer? After a comment and research, it was removed. Click here to see more.


  1. I do enjoy using your free materials and visual aids for children in bible class, Thank you for posting them. But I was disappointed in this set of printables because you have listed "Lucifer" as a name of the devil, When Lucifer is mentioned in Isa. 14 it is the king of Babylon. And is describing the Kind of Babylon's rise and fall from ruling his kingdom.

    1. Karen, thanks for bringing this to my attention. After a lot of research, I agree and removed it from the download. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you very much for your help teaching the Bible to children. I am in a small church with no resources for curriculum and with your help I have been able to make the lessons come alive for the children. Thank you again and God bless your ministry. Jean Forth

  3. Just FYI the above statement is controversial. There are as many people who say the devil was originally Lucifer as those who say he was not.


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