Cathy's Corner: Week 8

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
Week 8 continues the scriptures and inspiration of my Sister-in-Law Cathy Whitacre.
Cathy Whitacre has touched a lot of lives with her special personality. It is with much sorrow that her body cannot fight cancer this time due to other issues.  These are Cathy's daily thoughts which I am posting a week at a time. She wants to use this time in a positive helpful way and we pray that these scriptures and thoughts might encourage you.
Thanks so much Cathy for the godly and motherly advice you have given me over the years. I have passed them on to my children as well. We love you very much! -Mel Hutzler
Cathy's Corner
May 10, 2015

Proverbs 20:11"Even a child is known by his doing whether his work be pure or whether it be right."

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to share some of the skills that my beloved mother shared with me. In our family cooking was one of our greatest gifts.

From mashed potatoes that had more peal than Potato, to cookies that had to have the bottoms cut off, they were the best dishes ever because they came from the heart.

Over the past several days I have had each grandchild pick a favorite dish that we could make together, from casseroles to desserts and we have tackled each one successfully; however, it's the memories that will last a life time. Never pass an opportunity to build a lasting memory.

Your Sister Cathy
Cathy' Corner
May 11, 2015  Mother's Day

Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose."

My Mother's Day: I would like to take this time to share with you my beautiful Mother's Day.

My desire was to immediately share with you the joy over flowing from my heart, but physically I just couldn't complete a thought. To me it was perfect, most importantly of all was my family who were able to make it come together over the past few days. Do you remember being a young child so excited you couldn't decide which to tell first, well that was where I found myself last evening, where should I begin, I have been so blessed.

So with pen in hand, I shut my eyes just for a second, to rest them and say "Thank You Lord, for the best Mother's Day ever" only to be woke up by a beautiful sunrise, some ten hours later!

My prayer is that each of you had the blessing and opportunity to do the very same thing.

Your Sister Cathy

Cathy's Corner
May 12, 2015

Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

What great blessings our Father has bestowed upon my family and myself. There are no needs that I have that he can't and or will not provide if I make my request known to Him according to His will. My relationship to God is growing every day. He gives me strength to face the unexpected.

Our blessings come from the Father above, if I yet acknowledge him. Drawing close to God gives me comfort and reassurance. As my relationship with God grows closer I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me if I first seek His Kingdom.

Your Sister Cathy
Cathy's Corner
May 13, 2015

James 2:17 "Every good and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the father of lights with whom there is no variableness neither shadow of turning."

As I am enjoying the beauty of the day I cannot help but enjoy the blessings that my God has bestowed on me. Every day He has given me a new gift, a place to lay my head for rest, and a listening ear, I know that He hears my voice when I cry, or when I make my requests known.

My strength comes from the love of the God above. Each situation in life I find myself changing, we need God as a comfort, as a stable element. I thank my God that He is not far from me. The best gift ever is God who is my strength, no matter what situation I find myself in. Are we relying on Him during our daily walk? Am I walking hand in hand with Jesus?

Your Sister Cathy

Cathy's Corner
May 14, 2015

Romans 12:10a "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another."

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to show affection, and kindness toward our brothers in Christ? What about the person who is sick, or lonely, struggling to just get by each day, possibly a perfect stranger?

The passage today reminds me of the wonderful ladies that come to care for me during the week. I know it takes a special person to care of my daily needs and these ladies do just that, and I thank God for them. We are taught in scripture the importance of being a servant. There are many ways in which we can serve our Father as did the inn keeper in Luke 10:34. Lord give me the heart of a servant.
Your Sister Cathy

Cathy's Corner
May 15, 2015

1 John 2:28 And now, little children, abide in Him; that, when He shall appear, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming.

What comfort I receive knowing that I am a child of God, knowing that he provides me with all that I need in this world and guides me to the knowledge of it. Each day I have been given yet another opportunity to share with those I love, and I am so very grateful.

As I read God's Word it helps me understand what He would have me do, and to bring joy that I am walking in the truth as the Lord would have me.

Your Sister Cathy
Cathy's Corner
May 16, 2015

Matthew 14:27 " of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid."

Being raised on Lake Erie I had the opportunity to watch the waters of the lake go from calm to treacherous in matter of minutes. Many times the same beauty of the lake could cause you to become afraid knowing the damage it could do.

There have been many times that I watched the storm of life rise and turn into joy, with the help of the One who takes my fears away.

We can have the same security from life's storm if we place our faith in the God of our salvation.

Your Sister Cathy
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  1. Wow. What an inspiration. If your sister in law can share these thoughts as she is battling cancer, then I have absolutely no reason to complain about anything. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  2. Thank you for sharing Cathy's Corner with us at Good Morning Mondays. She has so much wisdom and we have much to learn from her. Blessings


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