TLC VBS: Day 2 Esther Becomes Queen

Friday, July 17, 2015
For this year's VBS, we created our own series and called it TLC: Trust, Loyalty, Commitment. We studied these Old Testament people: Gideon, Esther, Joseph and Joshua. For the second night of Bible fun learning, we discussed Esther Becomes Queen.
This post is my class only and not the general building decorations. I have included the lesson, posters, bulletin board printables, etc. that I created for this VBS.
Since Esther is already posted on this blog Part 1 here and Part 2 here, and there is so much other information in this post, click on the following to download the lesson and some of the extras:
We set up a 'feast' for this lesson and just handed quick snacks out to the kids in baggies. We also handed out these crowns. They don't seem to make these anymore either, but my local teacher's supply had them in stock. You can print crowns I created here (as seen above).
Unlike the Gideon and Joshua bulletin boards for this VBS series, I used the whole wall as focal points for Esther and Joseph. I had this palace background to cover a whole wall and I also use it for Esther here and here. They don't make it anymore, but once in a while you can find it on eBay. I added a 'feast' table and a table to hold our nightly handouts or visuals.
This is the room for Esther for the 4s & 5s. They used paper clamps to attach the painted sheets to the ceiling in a corner. Thanks Corinna for the photo!
There are over 50 visuals in the file and includes visuals
 for the whole book of Esther.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
You can see more about Esther 1 and Esther 2 in the above blog posts.
Click here to see Queen Esther for preschool.

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  1. Stoping by your blog from the Stillness link up: you've crafted a wonderful curriculum here. Ester's story is among my favorites. I can well imagine how engaged the children became during all these activities.


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