David: Spell-It-Out

Monday, September 7, 2015
I love these and use the Spell-It-Out Letters for bulletin board toppers. They can be used on the back of the door and for any wall decorating. They can also be used to ask the students different questions for review about David. Since I have been adding these letters, and I already had David on an earlier post, these are just updated. Click here to download this updated set of David letters.
For the students, you can print this David Flap book. They can write each David fact under the flap. Great for David discussion and review. The download includes the color and black and white to print.
Click here to print the David Flap Book.
This is the original set of letters that I posted.
Click here to download the original set.

http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2014/02/david-and-goliath.html    http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2014/02/david-shepherd-saul-is-made-king.html
See more about David here and here.


  1. Could you provide a link to the original David letters? I would like not to have to use so much ink to print these out even though I do like the colored letters. The link on the pages I tried just loop you around to the same pages over and over. Thank you for all the visuals you have provided. I have used a lot of your visuals in my classroom and you have helped make my teaching so much better.

    1. Sorry, I looked online for the clipart letters and the website has been shut down. I cannot find them in her TPT store either. I see these are older and I need to update them. Do you want them in black & white? Or, I can just make a document with plain letters (color and b/w) and the graphics can be cut & glued as a project.

  2. Thank you, my Sunday school kiddos will enjoy this!

  3. Thank you. this is the perfect summary for our David unit this term in Kids' Church

  4. Debbie, I am unable to download the Spell it out David pattern. Can you make any correction for this? Thanks!


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