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Monday, September 28, 2015
Write-the-Room Jesus Review

This is a short post with this Write-the-Room set of printables. I have seen these a lot on TPT and Pinterest and it is a great way to review or discuss the Life of Jesus. This can be used at the beginning of the study of His life to show the students some of what they will be learning about Jesus and to see what they know. Or, use them at the end of the study to review His life.
Post the 12 cards around the room and let the students walk around with a clipboard and fill in the blanks on their corresponding numbered worksheet. I just had them write a key word, like birth, Disciples, parables, etc. The worksheet is available in color and black & white.
I also included a set of the same visuals as cards. These cards can be used to shuffle, review or put in order. Or, they can be used for the student to tell you what the picture is about. It would be fun (especially for homeschooling) to hide these in different places for the kids to find and then put in order.
Click here to download the Write-the-Room set for Jesus.
I used this set at the end of our study of Paul in the book of Acts. It was fun for the kids because they were able to stand up and move around. I had clipboards and they wrote short notes as we talked about Paul. It was interesting to see what they remembered! You can see Paul here.
http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2015/08/write-room-life-of-moses.html  http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2015/08/write-room-moses-10-plagues.html
Also, Moses is available. His life is here and the 10 Plagues is here.

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