Assorted Bulletin Boards

Monday, October 26, 2015
It has been a while since I posted bulletin boards. So, here is an assortment, mostly that others have done and have allowed me to share with you!
While we were at my (Sister-in-Law) Cathy's funeral, one of the speakers brought up Peter and how the sick just wanted  Peter's shadow to be able to fall on them. (Sorry, I can't remember who) I remember talking to Cathy after a worship service about the lesson that morning and we both brought out notebooks to compare notes. We both had gotten ideas for a lesson for the ages we teach and we both had gotten a bulletin board idea... but they were both different! It was just as interesting discussing our notes! There is always something to learn from the Bible. So, think about now and your life... What's your shadow casting? I used a variety of words, good and bad: rude, joy, faith, pain, hate, fear, hope, kind, peace, enemy, friend, anger, love, trust, Godly, Christian. I wrote them in different handwriting all over the shadow. You can find the silhouette here.
This bulletin board was done by Carren Marvin (photo also courtesy of Carren Marvin). These were scripture pull off strips and it was a really great idea. All the strips were taken off before I had my camera to take close-ups of them for you. You can find the sign boards at Hobby Lobby here. You can find the 'Free Stuff' chalkboard here.
Here is another bulletin board done by Carren Marvin. I love this Subway Graffiti style using the scripture and highlighting specific key words.  By adding the hearts, it is a reminder of God's love.
This bulletin board was also done by Carren Marvin (photo also courtesy of Carren Marvin). The Minions are plastic and the eyes are glasses and stapled to the board so they pop out. Looks great! You can find the Dispicable Me Minion supplies here.
Judy Deising put up this vacation bulletin board which a great reminder.
This bulletin board was done by Larry Scott. It is a great reminder of all the God has created for us.
Cathy Ross created this bulletin board for Fall. She used fall color tissue wrap to create the leaves on the tree. That makes a great pop!
This one announcing our ladies Day was done by Judy Deising.


  1. Wow some really great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  2. The scripture pull off bulletin is fantastic. I am going to use cell phones and send messages to the Lord and have him respond with a verse. I am curious to know which verses you chose for yours.

  3. Sorry, someone else did this bulletin board. All the tabs were pulled off before I could take a close up with the scriptures! Thanks for stopping by!


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