Creation Preschool Projects

Monday, October 5, 2015
I am creating projects for the 3 year old class on Wednesday nights this quarter, and I thought I would share what we did. Creation is divided into 4 lessons.
For the first lesson, God Made the Sky and the Earth. I purchased blue paper plates and let the students glue this earth first. I had them cut and ready. Next, they added the star stickers and cotton balls for the clouds. They had a lot of fun creating this project and there really wasn't much prep for it! Download the world here.

At the end of each Creation lesson, we had the students sit in a circle on the floor. They gently tossed the globe to each other and named something that God created. You could also have them name the day He created it. We gave them one to take home the last evening we studied Creation. I also found a small globe at Michaels for $2.00 that will work. Here is the globe we used. Here is the one I found at Michaels.
We sang the hippo song each week. See that here.
We also sang the Days of Creation song each week. See that here.
I also decided to try something I do at home with the kids. They love these Dot Markers (which I purchased at Michaels with 50% off) and there are several lessons I could use them with. And, they last a long time! This fish is printed on regular paper. They added some fish stickers when they were done with the dot markers. These can be used as coloring papers or with paint also.

But, after reading the terms of use for the fish graphic I purchased just for this, I saw I am not permitted to give it to you as a plain graphic to color. So, you can download the same fish here on TPT and cut it out to use. It is also in this free download
 For God created the animals, I decided on these cow paper bag puppets just because they love paper bag puppets at this age. I tried several different ones, but liked this one because the kids can draw and color the spots on the cow. They loved this! I purchased it here.
I also purchased some small plastic animals. I put them in a covered basket and let them pull one out. They told everyone what animal it was and the sound that it makes. God is awesome to create so many different kinds of animals!
The final lesson in this creation series was God Made the People. I decided to do an overall review of the 7 Days with this accordion. This is available in color and black & white. As you see above, each day has the student coloring the area with the color coded crayon. Then, as we discussed each day, we gave them stickers to add. There are some items you can print, but I found stickers at the teacher's supply store for our students to use. You can download the Creation Accordion here.
I was actually holding my granddaughter and started playing with her fingers. The tune is 10 Little Indians and I started counting her fingers. To finish the section, I added hands and arms. She begged me to "Sing it again, Nana!", so I did and added her toes. It's actually a cute little song and a great reminder that God made them and their bodies. So, we tried it out on the three year olds when we discussed God Made Adam and Eve. For a class setting, we held up fingers and pointed to our hand and arms. The song is just the plain song, no graphics, since we used what God gave us!


  1. Aww :) It looks like y'all had so much fun doing this :)

  2. This is such a fun age group to work with! Thanks for sharing with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  3. What fun activities! We always love to sing songs while we are playing and working. It always reinforces what children are learning. Thank you for sharing at the #Made4Kids Link Party!

  4. I love your stuff!!! I can't find a tune to the creation song. Do you know what it is?

    1. Thank you! I don't have it on this site. You can hear it here:;_ylc=X3oDMTFiN25laTRvBF9TAzIwMjM1MzgwNzUEaXRjAzEEc2VjA3NyY2hfcWEEc2xrA3NyY2h3ZWI-?p=creation+song&fr=befhp&fp=1&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8


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