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Monday, November 9, 2015

I have a class with mostly boys this year, so I decided to change some of the bulletin boards for our book of Acts study. I have been wanting to create a bulletin board using safari and animal type graphics, so I put these together to make this one for Paul. You can use the term Discover or Explore, either would work. I went with Discover on the flags to hang across the top. You can find the zebra stripe border here (there is also a optional cheetah border).

I added a simple graphic to show each part of Paul's life in Acts that we will be discussing. The number on each is the chapter in Acts where it takes place. I am not permitted to give you the safari kids that I used on the bulletin board, since they are used by themselves, but you can purchase the graphics here. I just made them full page size for the board. Otherwise, everything else in included in the download.

For the flags, I used a hole punch to add the holes at the top of each side and used string to connect them. To keep them the same, I added them to each end and tied a loop to hang the flags with.

Click here to download this bulletin board set.

The graphics can also be used as Magnetic Board Visuals. Just add magnets on the back after printing and laminating. These are great for a review lesson or to use as review while you are teaching. They can be used as Write the Room visuals for a review lesson. Or, if you just want an overview of Paul.

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